The Worst Disease You Can Get

the worst disease you can get bacteria

The human body is a fascinating thing and, even though it seems morbid/grotesque to talk about, diseases and disorders are a part of life. Every single day we are constantly bombarded with attacks from microscopic enemies. And if we manage to fight them off, there’s still the possibility that we’ll get attacked from the inside, […]

Why Are Homeschoolers Weird?

why are homeschoolers weird people

My name is Nate Shenk and I was a “weird” homeschooler until my freshman year of high school. A fact, I believe, qualifies me to be able to speak publicly about homeschoolers & this form of education. When I tell someone I was homeschooled, they usually pause for a second and then say: “Really? I […]

10 Irrelevant Facts

just one you little bastard facts

I should write a contagiously funny intro to guarantee that my readers continue reading about the facts below.  However, I’m not feeling it, and you shouldn’t need some fancy, pied piper-like introduction to want to keep reading. So lets pretend that I wrote a nice, big intro and now you have a very strong urge […]

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