The Story of Monday [via 20 GIFs]


1. When my alarm goes off Monday morning, this is my reaction:

monday grouchy bat


2. Because you never know what Monday has in store for you:

monday surprise funny


3. Nevertheless, I get out of bed and put on my pants:

amazing putting pants on monday


4. Then I suddenly get a burst of energy:

Goat Fence funny monday


5. And I feel like I can take on anything that I may face:

little girl with a cobra


6. Almost anything…

cat attacks dinosaur funny


7. After all, it is Monday and sometimes this happens:

old man hurt twice funny


8. And also this:

lost a hand funny


9. But I must be brave and so I head to work:

batdog funny gif


10. I like to see how fast I can get there without dying, of course:

car rollover


11. Unlike this guy…he’s not having a good day:

horrible driver funny


12. Once I get to work, if anything gets in my way I let my Kim K booty take charge:

hockey funny


13. But let’s not forget that it’s Monday so nothing goes according to plan:

lost his tool monday


14. And your coworkers never behave on Mondays:

workers playing with fork lift


15. Which is why it’s important to take many breaks. Go scratch your back, girl:

dog scratching its back


16. Maybe even play a few rounds of pool:

Dog playing Pool


17. And impress the haters with my skilz:

Baby Ninja funny


18. But if you’re not careful, Monday may rear its ugly head at you…and smash you with a boulder:

man flattened by boulder


19. No worries, if all else fails, just become a clever gypsy and earn your living like this:

gypsy stealing jewelry


20. All in all, if you feel like Monday is getting you down

more than it should, remember that soon you’ll be on your way home and it will be Friday before you know it:

cool city lights traffic

The Story of Monday [via 20 GIFs]

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  1. I love these!! It feels so good to get a good crying laugh out…thank you! Which is your favorite? What do you think really happened to that baby with the cobra?

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