4 Interesting News Stories: Woman Arrested for Unreturned VHS, Bigfoot is Missing, and George Zimmerman is Sad

Interesting News #1: Woman Arrested for Not Returning Rented Jennifer Lopez VHS

jennifer lopez kayla michelle finleyKayla Finley, of Greenville, South Carolina, has been arrested for not returning a VHS that she rented.

She rented the film, “Monster-in-Law” — featuring none other than Jennifer Lopez — back in 2005 and was reportedly sent a late return notice nine years ago, but failed to follow through with the return.

Unfortunately, for Kayla, the long arm of the law caught up with her and she was arrested for her crimes. I’m sure the local community let out a long sigh of relief when she was apprehended.

It’s good to know that the hard-working law enforcement agents of Pickens County, S.C. are spending their time and resources fighting crime where it really counts. With government agencies wasting so much of the taxpayers money, it’s nice to see things like this in the news.

To read more about Kayla’s take down, click: South Carolina Cracks Down on Criminals

Interesting News #2: Bigfoot is MIA at Arizona Conference

bigfoot is real rick dryerLast month, Rick Dryer made national headlines when he announced that he had killed the legendary creature, known as Bigfoot, while hunting near San Antonio, Texas.

He produced “legitimate” photos of the beast and promised he would be launching a “Bigfoot Tour” where he would display the now-frozen Sasquatch.

That very tour was supposed to begin this weekend in Phoenix, Arizona and coincide with the International UFO Congress Conference, but, sadly, neither Rick Dryer nor Bigfoot were anywhere to be seen. Surprise, surprise.

Before we throw Mr. Dryer under the judgmental bus, I’m sure there’s a logical explanation as to why he decided to back out of the tour and that it has nothing to do with it all being a complete lie. I don’t know about you, but I’m a firm believer in the great Bigfoot mystery. I also believe in Santa Claus and that Martha Stewart was innocent.

To read more about Bigfoot missing in action, click: Arizona Conference Attendees Disappointed that Rick Dryer’s Bigfoot is a Fraud

Interesting News #3: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian to Wear Crowns on Wedding Day — Thinks World Revolves Around Them

kim kardashian kanye west world revolves around themPlease forgive me for even mentioning this vapid couple, but I couldn’t resist. If this report from Us Weekly is true, they have officially gone past any previously registered levels of narcissism.

As the headline suggests, Kim and Kanye are reportedly planning on wearing custom-made crowns, because, according to Us Weekly source, “He thinks he and Kim are royalty.”

The down-to-earth couple are planning on getting married in Paris in the spring and are donating all their wedding gifts to charity excited about the big event.

To read more about the two most important people in the world and their crowns, click: Kanye and Kim to Wear Crowns on Wedding Day – And No One is Surprised

Interesting News #4: George Zimmerman is Homeless, Sad, and Trying His Best to Stay Relevant

george zimmerman is not whitePoor George Zimmerman, he just can’t seem to get a break.

In an interview for the Spanish current affairs show, Aqui y Ahora (Here and Now), Mr. Zimmerman claimed that not only is he “very sad” about the whole Trayvon Martin thing, but he’s also broke and homeless.

The reason I consider this to be “interesting news” is simply because I don’t believe him. From the moment the Zimmerman-Martin trial ended in July of 2013, Zimmerman has made sure to stay in the headlines, for various bizarre reasons.

Along with multiple public disagreements with his wife, Mr. Zimmerman was pulled over last year for speeding while roaming around Texas “for no apparent reason” and, naturally, he was armed.

He was also arrested in November 2013 for aggravated assault, domestic violence battery of his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, and criminal mischief. However, the charges against Zimmerman were later dropped at the request of Miss. Scheibe, who probably enjoys being in the spotlight just as much as her boy George does.

Oh, and he’s broke? That’s odd because not only is he “famous” (book deals, interviews, etc.), just in December, Mr. Zimmerman sold one of his original paintings on eBay for a cool $100,099.99.

Sure, he might have already spent that on his (assumed) mountain of legal feels from his multiple arrests and divorce, but why not paint another “masterpiece” to sell on eBay? It’s simple — he craves being in the spotlight and wants us (the American public) to continue feeling sorry for him.

By telling interviewers that he’s broke, sad, and homeless, he’s attempting to accomplish just that, but I’m not buying it. It’s time to hit the road, George, we’re sick of hearing about you. 

To read more about the struggles of being George Zimmerman, click: George is Broke, Sad and Out of Ideas for Getting in the Spotlight

Interesting News: Woman Arrested for Unreturned VHS & Bigfoot is Missing

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  1. That first one is like a school dream(that haunt you your whole life. Do you have those? Most people I talk to do.) You know when you dream you forgot to attend that one class for the whole semester, or you’re walking around campus, and can’t find your building–ever? You wake up in a panic that you forgot something, and that poor girl with the VHS tape really lived it out. Kim and Kanye are embarrassing, and I agree with you on Zimmerman. I found it odd that the media chose his case for a hate crime extravaganza, when there was that more recent white-white man killing a black boy in Florida in the news. Seems like that one would have been their ticket. And you and I are in big trouble for even talking about it.
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