A Typical Day at Work (24 GIFs)


1. When I first get to work, I feel like I have too much to do.

a cat washing clothes


2. And I’m completely overwhelmed.

dogs around cats


3. So I lay down on the sidewalk and scream like a little girl.

little girl crying


4. But then I brush myself off.

mr fox funny


5. And get back to work.

working hard at work


6.Then it’s lunchtime and one must eat.

amanda bynes funny gif


7. But I get distracted playing in my food.

funny playing in food


8. So I smack myself out of it and head back to work.

teacher hitting student


9. But not before ruining someone’s day on the way.

girl kicking food


10. And then I fall down the office stairs because I’m late.

man falling down the stairs


11. Everyone around is like good job.

cat playing tambourine


12. But I’m all like.

breakfast club sunglasses


13. And I’m back at my desk working diligently.

girl annoyed at work


14. While imagining my boss getting rammed into a lake.

guy getting rammed into lake


15. And also watching crazy cad lady videos on the internet.

crazy cat lady house


16. Then my boss walks up behind me and is like.

cute little creature


17. And I’m all like.



18. So I get back to work.

work at the 80s


19. Until the alcoholic lady in accounting starts dancing when it’s time to go.

Saturday night live lady dancing


20. I immediately turn into Whoopi Goldberg & start celebrating.

whoopi goldberg funny dancing


21. Then everyone starts leaving for the day like this.

dog riding dolphin


22. And like this.



23. And I’m all like this.



24. Time to go home and relax.


And that about sums it up.

A Typical Day at Work (24 GIFs) 

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  1. Yikes! I’m looking for a part-time gig. Should I be afraid of getting one?
    Aging Gal recently posted..Tail of the DogMy Profile

  2. That makes me wanna http://i.imgur.com/RYkgcPz.gif

  3. I truly hope you made this while actually at your place of employment. Young people are supposed to have easy, slacker jobs. Just like stay at home moms.
    Bridget recently posted..When Soccer Takes OverMy Profile

  4. OK, I thought the last one was classic, but this is so good. Love it!!
    Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club recently posted..About Us: Feeling GRATITUDE…My Profile

  5. Mommy LaDy Club G+’d this and I came over to take a look. S’awesome. :)

  6. I had to come watch this again for a laugh. The hippie skipping through the picnic is definitely my fav.
    Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club recently posted..Best of Etsy 2013My Profile


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