10 Things I Want to do Before I Die

kick the bucket dieI know you’re probably thinking it’s a bit strange for me to be writing a post about what I want to do before I die, considering that I’m not old, or ailed with a terminal illness.

But sometimes it get’s rather hard coming up with things to write about and I figure we’re all going to die eventually, so why not plan ahead!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to complete much, much more than what’s listed here. So don’t think I’ve settled for just doing the following 10 things before I die, alright?

That’s of course if I don’t get hit by a bus unexpectedly, or something happens that ends my life earlier than I anticipated. In that case (of getting hit by a bus), know that I’ve lived a great life and am happy with all that I’ve been able to accomplish in my young life.

Now that the post is beginning to sound creepy, it’s time to move on! Here are 10 things I would prefer to do before I die.

Before I Die #10: Go on an African Safari

take my picture Before I DieI mentioned Africa in a post not too long ago, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to go exploring in Africa. It just seems so exciting to me.

I don’t know about actually killing any of the animals (when I caught an alligator, I didn’t kill it), but I guess we’ll just have to see.

If a huge African beast jumps out at me and attempts to make me its lunch; I might have to make an exception and shoot it. Dying while attempting to complete an item on my bucket list isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

Before I Die #9: Meet a United States President

meet the president before I dieYou can’t get much more American than meeting a U.S. President and, if I get my wish; I’ll meet one before I die.

My cousin worked for the Bush Administration (haters gonna hate) and many of her immediate family members were able to go to the White House Christmas party (multiple times). Sadly, I never got to, but I’m not dead yet so there’s still hope!

BTW, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Republican, or a Democrat; any President will do!

Before I Die #8: Be Fluent in 3 Languages

learn languages before i dieI think I have English down, but I’m still working on my German and even farther down the line is Spanish.

Growing up in Texas has given me a lot of exposure to Spanish (and plenty of Spanglish), but hopefully one day I’ll be completely fluent in all three!

Before I Die #7: Learn How to Play the Guitar

play the guitar before i dieAs I write this, there is a guitar leaning against the wall at the end of my bed and every time I look at it I wish I knew how to play it.

I sometimes look up lessons on YouTube, but it would be nice to get a teacher and actually learn it.

My goal is to learn how to play it before I die so that I’ll be able to serenade the Grim Reaper. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it…if not, well that’s just rude.

Before I Die #6: Write at Least 3 Books

write three books before i dieI love to write––shocking isn’t it? I’m getting close to being done with the first one, but I still have to finish it and then have (at least) two more.

I don’t exactly know what the other two are going to be about, but when I’m done with them, I’ll let you know so you can go to Amazon and buy them, k?

Before I Die #5: Spend an Entire Year Traveling

travel the world before I dieThis is probably going to have to wait until I’m too old to do anything else, but as long as I do it before I die it still counts.

I’ll most likely have a heart attack while doing it, but at least I died trying. I’ll need to figure out a way to pay for this…I guess I better make those books best sellers!

Before I Die #4: Trace My Family’s Tree

discover family tree before I dieThanks to 21st century websites like ancestry.com, this item on my list of things I want to do before I die isn’t going to be that challenging. However, I would like to do a detailed search as far back as possible and find out as much as I can on both sides of my family.

I have a feeling my mother’s side is going to be a little more difficult since she’s not American, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

If I can’t figure it out, I’ll just create a family tree that leads back to royalty and tell everyone I’m related to the Queen. Maybe she’d have me over for a cup of tea? Which brings us to the next item…

Before I Die #3: Drink Tea and/or Beer in London

london brigde is falling down before I dieGrowing up with a tea-drinking mum has made me realize that sometimes a cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it. I’ve been to non-UK Europe a couple of times, but never managed to make it to England (yet).

As soon as I get there I’m going to have a cup of tea on Bond street, or drink a pint of beer in one of the many pubs––it just depends on what time I get there. Maybe I’ll go crazy and have both!

Before I Die #2: Dig for Dinosaurs

Photo via nationalgeographic.com

dig for dinosaurs before i dieAlong with having the desire to go to Africa, I’ve always been fascinated by dinosaurs, which is most likely because my Grandfather used to read me stories about them.

Apparently, he once found part of a tusk from some sort of woolly mammoth creature, but don’t quote me on that. After my Grandpa died, I would read the books he had given me and promised myself I would go looking for dinosaur bones.

I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to achieve this, but you never know. There might be a dinosaur excavation going on somewhere in Texas that I can crash. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind me showing up.

I’ve been reading dinosaur books since I was 4, which basically makes me a professional excavator so I need to go dig up a dino before I die.

Before I Die #1: Learn How to Take Compliments

learn how to take compliments before I dieI don’t know what it is about them, but every time I get a compliment (in person) I immediately get all awkward and ruin the moment. A few months ago, I was at my little brother’s high school football game when a high school kid came up to me and asked if I was Nate Shenk.

I obviously said that I was, to which he began explaining how much he enjoyed my site and complemented me on my writing. I was with my sister and one of her friends and I kind of just froze up and said, “Ehh…thanks” in an awkward tone. Once he left, I was annoyed at myself for not being normal, or expressing how thankful I was for his compliment.

Maybe this seems silly, but one day I hope I’ll be able to know just what to say when given a compliment. Until then, I’ll probably continue being awkward and seemingly un-thankful.

So there you have it; 10 things I’d like to do before I die. Ask me in 50 years and I’ll let you know how many of them I’ve completed…if a bus hasn’t hit me by then. What items do you have on your bucket list?

P.S. Would you wanna live forever?

They should be wearing helmets, before they die.

10 Things I Want to do Before I Die

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  1. I also want to write at least three books before I die (even though I’ve yet to start the first one) and I want to travel the world at some point in my life, so I believe we have a lot in common. Also, I would have never (and I mean NEVER!!!) guessed that you’ve been alligator hunting before. Nice post, Nate!
    Kevin Martin recently posted..The Blog Engage $500 USD Guest Blogging Contest #1My Profile

    • Yeah…did you read the article about gator hunting lol?? No one believes me when I tell them…I ALWAYS have to refer back to my site so they can see pictures/proof that it actually happened. What can I say; I love adventure haha!

  2. Even though you are just a young whippersnapper, it’s always good to have goals before you drop in the hole. I think you picked some great things to focus on. We have a few similar ones…like going to Africa, travel around the world, and write three books. Heck, I’d settle for one good book! Love this, Nate!
    Annie recently posted..Comment on The Original Crash Test Dummy by Annie BoresonMy Profile

  3. Nate, an African Safari is on MY bucket list, too! And I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar! (You aren’t MY kid, are you? (ha ha, NO I did NOT give a child up for adoption! )

    You can buy Guitars for Dummies (my hubby has it and was using it and doing quite well in fact but then all of the sudden stopped…the dummy).

    I wrote two Children’s books and one Romance novel. Haven’t done anything with them. I HAD this fear of rejection thing goin’ on, but I’m OVER that now so intend on sending them out. What’s the WORST that can happen? They get rejected. Right? And then I’ll be right where I am now. So, that is the “plan” for this year…that and I would like to send something to a magazine or two or a dozen ;-)

    As far as your having trouble accepting compliments. I was the SAME way! You need to take baby steps. When someone gives you a compliment, just say: “Thank you”. It’s awkward, I know. But once you do it, it does get easier! It’s called “receiving with grace”, or at least that’s what I call it.

    Great post, I really HOPE you get to do all ten on your list and then some!

    • Since I wasn’t adopted (that I know of) and you never gave up any kids up for adoption…I’m going to have to say that we are most likely related and that you’re my long-lost Aunt! Lol that’s so funny that we have so much in common. I’m not going to lie…I wasn’t very happy about being the only republican and now you tell me all of this that we have in common. I am positive we are related somehow lol :D

  4. 10. Okay, so I haven’t gone on a African safari, but our local Wild Animal Park gives a kick-ass, bus tour of their “African Savannah.” I’ve done that. 9: I shook hands with Bill Clinton when I bought his book (he autographed it, too). 8. I’m fluent in two, but can sort of understand Portuguese and Italian, so that counts as one. 7. I learned how to play the piano. 6. I’ve written more than 170 posts and I’m sure I squeeze three books out of them. 5. I’ve thought about, if you count two months. I can’t imagine being gone an entire year. 4. Done that, but there are spots on the tree with question marks. Lots. 3. Went to London and my dream was to try their Coca Cola Light. Did that, though I just wish they’d put more ice in it. 2. Went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum a long time ago and saw plenty of dinosaur bones. 1. That’s a tough one. But that explains why you don’t think you’re THE funniest guy in the world. (BTW, I would have said “universe” but I ran out of characters on Twitter.) So, now that I’ve achieved all these things, does that mean I’m ready to kick that bucket? yikes.
    monicastangledweb recently posted..One Shot, Two Stories a Success!My Profile

    • LOL you’re so funny Monica! I like how you changed some of them up a bit…we should go get tea in London…you could show me around or something?

  5. You have some great things on your list! I’m extremely impressed that you caught an alligator, I will have to tell my son about that one (thanks to my father’s recent trip to Florida he is now the proud owner of an alligator head, don’t ask!). I think it’s great you are almost finished with one book, three sounds like a great goal to me. I too would like to write one myself.
    I have personally never met a president, but I did know a Senator, and eat in the Senate dining room, I also met President Bush (the first one’s) brother Preston, I also worked for a former Ambassador under Carter and spoke on the phone to Jackie Onasis,but now I’m just being annoying and name dropping.
    The compliment thing was extremely hard for me to, but like someone else said, it takes baby steps and eventually you get better at it.
    Wishing you much luck in achieving all of these goals plus many more!! Great post!!
    Kathy Radigan recently posted..Bedtime StoriesMy Profile

    • I can’t believe I never told you that story lol or at least told you to read the article on it! Have you? I have a feeling your son will LOVE it. Meeting a Senator is definitely the next best thing so lets just say that counts ok hehe? We should start a group about how to accept compliments haha…you in?

  6. That’s a nice respectable list you got there, Nate. Even though I’ve just now found your blog, you strike me as someone that will indeed accomplish those goals. I don’t quite have a bucket list because, well, I’m going to live forever duh! BUT if I did make said list I would add on there go scuba diving in a blue hole. That would allow me to get over my irrational fear of tight spaces and sea creatures all in one – fun stuff :)

    • Well thank you Christina for that encouragement! I hope I will be able to finish at least most of them! Ohh so you’re going to live forever? Does that mean you’re secretly a vampire…if so, that’s awesome! Ha ;D I love Belize!! I went snorkeling there and I DEFINITELY want to get my diving license…what a good one to add to the list.

  7. Hey Nate,
    Great list! It’s good you made this early so you have time to complete everything! I’d love to travel more and go on an African Safari someday. Though this year, the most exotic place we may make it to is Disneyland, which I’m good with too…for now. :) And I can’t believe you caught an alligator! Stopping by from Kathy’s site!
    Grumpy Grateful Mom recently posted..Good News! Drinks on MeMy Profile

    • Exactly! Since I made it early, I’m basically refusing to procrastinate dying and want to get as many of the items checked off on the list as I can. Disneyland is exotic in its own right lol! I love that place…TAKE ME WITH YOU!! :D

  8. Ill be on the safari with you.:))


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