5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts to Get Your Girl

Valentine's Day cupidWell, gentlemen, once again we’re faced with the terrifying task of finding that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the one that we love.

That’s if of course you actually have someone to love, but, if not; there’s always next year, or the year after that, or even the year after that (the key is not giving up).

Perhaps you didn’t do so hot last Valentine’s Day, or maybe you forgot about this super special day altogether.

If that sounds about right, then it’s time to get serious, but have no fear; 5 great Valentine’s Day gift ideas are here to save you!

1. Designer Jewelry [knock off, that is]

funny valentines day giftsSo you wanna make her feel special, loved appreciated on Valentine’s Day, but don’t have the cash to do just that?

No problem! Everyone knows how horrible the economy is and it’s completely understandable that you want to make her feel special without spending the green.

Here’s what you do: go to a site, such as eBay.com, do a search for, say, a “Tiffany Bracelet” and simply scroll through your options until you come across one that’s ridiculously cheap. Now buy it.

Its low, low price should be setting off alarm bells in your head, because it’s obviously a fake. But you’re a cheap bastard so who cares about the damn bells? You’re saving money! Even though they misspelled “Tiffany” as “Tifferny,” your girlfriend will probably never know.

That’s if she dropped out of school in the third grade and her sole aspiration in life is to become head cashier at the local Piggly Wiggly. She will be so thrilled with her new ‘Tifferny’ bracelet on Valentine’s Day that she’ll overlook the fact that the silver finish is coming off. “Don’t worry sweety, orange wrists are in style now.”

2. A Brand New (not previously used) Coffee Mug

perfect valentines day giftsThere are two things that every woman is guaranteed to love; chocolate and receiving gifts (esp. on Valentine’s Day).

Therefore, simply buy her a cool mug for Valentine’s Day and fill it with chocolate candies. And voila–the perfect solution!

Your Valentine’s Day gift giving anxiety can end and you’ll make your girl smile every time she has a cup of coffee.

All that for less than 20 bucks! What a steal!

3. Cash Money (counterfeit if you got it)

good valentines day gifts moneyWho doesn’t love money? No one!

If your girl claims to dislike money, someone probably dropped her on her head when she was little.

In that case, I can’t help you and good luck with that…I’m sure she’s “special” though. However, something I can help you out with, is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea!

Go to your local Walgreens to pick out a card, stop by an ATM on the way home, write something sentimental in the card like, “You kiss nice” and slip it under her pillow on the night before Valentine’s Day.

She will love the sentimental value of the card & love the cold hard cash even more. The key to this Valentine’s Day gift idea is to put at least 10 dollars inside the envelope, or she might think you’re cheap or something.

4. An Extra Special, Personalized T-Shirt

valentines day gifts t shirt-1Women love to receive creative gifts from their significant others and a personalized t-shirt is your ticket to the Valentine’s Day gift hall of fame.

Do you call her something like “Princess,” or “Muffin?” If so, your day just got amazing and much easier.

For Valentine’s Day this year, find a website, or even a local business, that makes custom shirts and order one for your love cake with that special pet name inscribed boldly on the front.

Make her an emotional basket case (in a good way) on Valentine’s Day by adding something even more special on the back of the shirt. Some good examples would be, the date you began dating, for how long you two have been together and where you asked her out/her hand in marriage (e.g. McDonalds.)

This gift will definitely melt her heart and…once again…under 20 bucks! That’s right, be excited because you’re going to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. Isn’t she lucky?

5. The Classic Stuffed Teddy Bear

great valentines day gifts teddy bearThis Valentine’s Day gift idea is probably the most meaningful and, if you pick the right teddy; you just might get to experience what it’s like to be truly loved (hint, hint).

Nothing says, “I really love you” quite like the timeless stuffed teddy bear gift and your girl will be blown away by your thoughtfulness (and gift-giving abilities).

Also, If you can find a bear that’s holding a mug, I’d consider that a bonus. But, if you can find a bear that’s holding a mug filled with chocolates; that would be considered as the JACKPOT!! Don’t forget to call a babysitter (wink, wink).


nice valentines day restaurants mexicanTop off Valentine’s Day and show her how much she means to you by splurging with a gift card to the Golden Corral this Valentine’s Day.

A really, really nice Mexican restaurant can be substituted if there isn’t a Golden Corral near you. Such as the one pictured on your right. That will really spice things up. Arriba!

She won’t know what hit her and you can pretty much assure yourself that you will not be spending any time in the near future in the dog house, or on the couch for that matter.

Buffet dinner, gifts and a date with her man. How much of a better Valentine’s Day could you get? Not possible. Good luck boys! Try not to wait until the last minute to get her a Valentine’s Day gift. You might end up not getting one in time and, in that case, you probably should just drive your car off a bridge, mountain, or cliff. Make it quick and painless.

P.S. Giving her roses is…

unnecessary Valentine's Day flowers

Valentine’s Day Legal Notice

The Valentine’s Day gifts mentioned above should be taken merely as suggestions and shenkitup.com is not responsible for any consequences that you may suffer as a result of following any of the suggestions above.

If, on the off chance your loved one despises the Valentine’s Day gift you purchased for her (after reading this article), it should be noted that it was simply because of her preferences and not because the Valentine’s Day gift ideas above are inadequate.

Follow the above Valentine’s Day gift suggestions at your own risk and if you have half a brain you probably know not to get any of them.

5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts to Get Your Girl

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  1. Well, this is an interesting list. I guess you would be better off following this list than not getting anything, but just slightly better off!! Lol!! This will be one post I will not show my husband!! Lol!!
    Kathy Radigan recently posted..Guess Who’s Coming to DinnerMy Profile

  2. Hahahaha I LOVE this! I wonder if anyone will actually take you seriously??

  3. Haha flowers are definitely unnecessary.

  4. I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day…seems a little too contrived, but there are many who live for the day. For those, a wad of cash might come in handy….maybe you can even carve out the stuffing of that teddy bear and fill it with loot. Then if you really want to get more bang for your buck, wrap that Tiffany bracelet around the poor bears neck. Win-Win I say!

  5. Some good fun tips here. Instead of fake Jewelry i head to the clearance rack at Sears. Get some real jewelry at reduced prices get her birthstone or her favorite color and you’re golden. Got any Christmas suggestions?
    Spitfire07 recently posted..Best Present For GirlfriendMy Profile

  6. I seriously hate that my gender does this to men on Valentine’s Day! You poor things…you can’t win!

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