The UK Daily Mail, Michelle Obama Prays to Santa and a Yeti’s Finger

funny british news stories michelle obamaWhen I think of the British, the first couple of things that pop into my head are tea, sophisticated accents and the royal family.

I have a feeling that many of my fellow Americans would agree with me on that and I don’t think I’ve actually met anyone who claims to dislike the British accent.

I’m not really sure why I love Brits so much, they just seem to say the funniest things (at least funny to Americans) and being raised by a Kiwi made me accustomed to certain British/Commonwealth of Nations habits (like drinking tea).

So, now that I’ve basically professed my deep love for Mother England, let’s get to today’s topic over why I read the UK Daily Mail.

Just as I’m not exactly sure why I love the British, I also don’t know what it is about the UK Daily Mail that always proves to be highly entertaining to me, but maybe it has something to do with stories like these…

-Does a Rediscovered Finger Prove that Yetis Exist?

yetis do exist michelle obamaRecently, a preserved finger was rediscovered in the Royal College of Surgeons in London along with a label reading “a Yeti finger from Pangboche hand.’ Naturally, the origins of the finger became a top priority.

Not long thereafter, it was discovered that the finger hailed from a Buddhist Monastery nestled somewhere in the Himalayas. It was brought to London in 1957 by Irish-American explorer Peter Byrne and why the Abominable Snowman’s severed member was at the Monastery is a rather confusing situation (at least for me anyways).

Apparently, an entire Yeti hand had been stored at the Monastery for many, many years because the Monks believed it brought them protection and good luck. I can’t imagine how a severed hand would provide any form of protection, but hey; ya never know.

The Monks were, at first, reluctant to give Byrne any part of the hand, but he eventually convinced them to let him take a single finger from the sacred artifact…for the price of £100.

Now that the origins of the finger have been revealed, the only thing left to do is DNA testing to validate the Monks claim of it being a Yeti finger. BBC radio will be announcing the results shortly.

-A Teenage Transsexual Tricks Bank Tellers into Giving Him/Her(?) Thousands After Posing as Sloppy TV Star/Model Katie Price.

katie price transsexual steals michelle obama

I never thought I would be writing something about transsexuals, but this story is just beyond ridiculous.

18-year old Kerry Marshall (pictured right in the above photo) somehow came up with the idea to infiltrate the famous (mostly in the UK) Katie Price’s home as a security guard, steal legal documents and then convince bank employees she was the star.

transsexual steals katie price michelle obamaOh and don’t you worry, it gets even more ridiculous.

Not only did Kerry steal £2,500 (about $4,000), she also purchased a Mazda MX5 sports car under the name of Katie Price.

And, finally, Miss Marshall spent hundreds of pounds worth of merchandise online using a PayPal account also under Mrs. Price’s name.

Well dang, when this boy/girl commits identity theft, she really commits identity them. Sounds to me like this poor soul has a major problem with figuring out who she really is. Kidding, kidding…you can read the entire crazy story at the UK Daily Mail site.

Michelle Obama and Kids Prayed to Santa Asking for the President to be Able to Join them in Hawaii.

michelle obama prays to santaI understand that any family would want the father to be home for Christmas and that it is very common to say things like “I’m wishing for a white Christmas,” or “I hope Santa brings me a new pair of skates!” But actually praying to Santa is on a whole other level.

Michelle Obama recently explained how she and her daughters sought Santa’s help in getting President Obama to Hawaii. Quoting Michelle Obama, “We were all praying and praying, and asking Santa, and the tooth fairy, and every fairy they could think of.”

The President did make it to Hawaii, but ended up being about a week late due to extra time it took resolving the expiring payroll tax cuts issue. I’m not usually one to mock someone’s religion, but, from my humble opinion, it would be best to pick just one fairytale character to pray to (making less confusing), or better yet; actually pray to God.

I like reading the UK Daily Mail because you don’t have to look very hard for interesting news and sometimes Yahoo! articles get old. Long live the Queen!

The UK Daily Mail, Michelle Obama Prays to Santa and a Yeti’s Finger

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  1. OMG the Yeti picture hahahahah

  2. I love British accents!

  3. You never fail to amuse me. <3


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