Dreams Are Amazing

dreams are amazingThere are many different ideas, beliefs and views held by the billions of people walking around on this great Earth.

And getting one of them to talk about what they believe, or think is not a difficult task.

However, something that is extremely difficult is finding a large group of people who agree on the same thing. Whether you’re talking about the best country to live in, or the most popular flavor of ice cream; you can guarantee you’re going to hear a multitude of opinions.

Subjects I find especially interesting are the rare topics that, for whatever reason, are congenially agreed upon by most, or all of the human population. The topic for today’s article happens to be one of those rare subjects that most of us would agree on; dreams are amazing

When you think about dreams, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Flying through clouds, or swimming in a warm, beautiful sea? Maybe you recently had one of the more common dreams of falling, or even dreamt of a random situation that you’re not proud of. 

Like stuffing your face with chocolates, while playing hopscotch? Very random indeed, but what about finding a gang of circus performers swimming in your living room…Whether you have an adventurous, or random dream doesn’t matter because most dreams are amazing, some would even say the bad dreams are amazing

The other night I had the most vivid dream, in at least six months, which I was able to recall in great detail and definitely consider it to be a good dream. Mostly because of how random and detailed it was. When I woke up the morning after, I immediately felt sad when I realized it was over.

Dreams are amazing: large mansion and circus people

dreams are amazing old womanThe dream began inside an enormous mansion, that was almost a castle. I was leaning up against the wall of a bedroom I was in, with a newspaper in one hand and a list of instructions in the other.

The room was very large for a bedroom, over-decorated with extravagance and made me feel weird. I didn’t feel as though I was at home, but somewhere strange, or unfamiliar.

I looked down at the list and, from what I could understand, it was some sort of “checklist” that you would normally get when house-sitting for someone. Almost exactly as I finished reading the list, the bedroom door opened and an attractive, middle-aged woman entered.

It was as though I knew her and knew exactly what was going on, even though I didn’t know how I came about this knowledge. She proceeded to lead me out the bedroom door and gave me a tour of the expansive residence, which was now mine because, apparently, my stepfather had recently passed and left me everything in his will.

Random dreams are awesome and interesting…considering the fact that it came out of nowhere and that I do not have a stepfather. Even stranger, I didn’t seem too pleased about my new estate. It wasn’t as though I was upset about it, I just didn’t feel it was a positive thing…maybe because my father just died?

The attractive, middle-aged woman (we’ll call Judy) continued with the tour of the large home until finally walking me back to my room. Judy entered the bedroom behind me, stopping in the center of the room to say “goodbye;” before opening and exiting through another door leading out of my bedroom.

Soon after Judy left, I decided to leave the bedroom after hearing a commotion coming from the center of the mansion. My bedroom was on the third floor and immediately after exiting the main door I found myself looking straight ahead, over the railing and down towards the main/center area of my new house. On the first floor, there was a very large entryway that was conjoined by an even larger living room, with an indoor swimming pool.

Dreams are amazing: enter circus people

dreams are amazing circus crazy ladyThe commotion that I heard, which brought me out of my bedroom in the first place, was coming from a large group of people jumping off the stage and into the swimming pool.

It turns out that the group was actually a pack of circus performers who I, because of some sort of contract, had to allow them to use the pool every Wednesday.

I also later discovered that they were all evil (big surprise) and that the servants, of my late stepfather’s mansion, were living in horrible conditions.

He apparently had been extremely greedy during his lifetime and refused to pay for the many needed maintenance repairs in the servants wing of the house. It’s a shame that there are still assholes even when your dreams are amazing.

Mind you they were paid servants (all British by the way…?), but were forced to live in miserable living conditions. I eventually fell in love (original, I know) with one of the younger servants (not too young…creeper) and she eventually helped me crack the code to my stepfather’s safe.

I bet you can guess what happens next…maybe fall in love and use the money in the safe to get all the servant quarters repaired and plenty of tea for everyone? If you didn’t guess that, no worries because, immediately after cracking the code to the safe, I woke up. Bummer right? The weird dream was over! And no, I didn’t smoke anything before going to bed (just to clarify).

As I was getting into bed the following night, I hoped I would be able to continue my weird dreams about this ridiculous story, but sadly it has yet to return…that I remember at least. When dreams are amazing, I hate when they don’t come back. Doesn’t everybody when dreams are amazing?

Dreams are amazing: but why?

dreams are amazing interestingSo, what’s the deal with dreams anyway and how is it that dreams are amazing?

I mean I know that dreams, such as the one described above is not your typical dream and after looking at the details of it on paper, I take back what I said about not having that vivid of a dream in at least six months.

It has been at least a year since I’ve had such a stimulating dream as that one. The subject of why dreams are amazing has always fascinated me.

I’m sure it does many people, but after waking up from such an interesting dream, I decided to reeducate myself over the subject of why dreams are amazing, or just dreams in general. Each one of us will have many dreams in some form tonight [after falling asleep] some of those dreams are amazing, or will be and, according to a research team from the University of Iowa: the more creative a person is, determines how vivid their dreams are. 

If you are creative, imaginative, or prone to fantasy than you’re more likely to, not only have vivid dreams; but also be able to remember them.

There are two major stages of sleep, that I’m sure you’ve heard before: 1) REM sleep and 2) non-REM sleep. REM sleep is when our most vivid and memorable dreams occur and the average sleeper spends about 25 percent of their time asleep in REM each night.

That means if you live until you’re 90, you’ve spent between 6 and 7 years vividly dreaming in REM sleep. Also during REM sleep, you’re functionally paralyzed and at a point where you’re absolutely relaxed.

Dreams are amazing: no scientific evidence needed

Scientists are currently unable to completely understand dreams, why dreams are awesome, or why we have them, but I don’t need a scientist to know that I think dreams are amazing.

If you think about it, each time you fall asleep you have no idea what to expect. You are at the mercy of whatever your brain decides to dream about and whether or not you have a dream, or a nightmare can only be discovered after its completion.

Even though there are billions of us, I’d bet my inherited mansion that most of us would agree with the fact that dreams are amazing. Good night, sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite, but if they do; bite them back.

Dreams Are Amazing: 10 Interesting Facts About Dreams

The featured images are from the amazing Maximilian Motel Photography

Dreams Are Amazing

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. seriously. i have very frequent, vivid, and intense dreams. i’ve wanted to keep record of them for a while and i think you’ve just inspired me! i like the pictures. they are a nice way of seeing into you’re visual memory of the dream. i think what you see is key to the experience as the dreamer, and being sympathetic to the emotions and story as the audience of the dreamer. inspiring indeed.

  2. Its funny that I saw this today because last night I dreamed that I was camping in a theme park that had real and very brightly colored dinosaurs that you could ride around on as well as rollercoasters and water rides. It was one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had.

  3. Wow, your dream could be a novel! Really!! I don’t know if I’ve ever had one that vivid. I recently had a dream that I was in labor, and there were a TON of people around, but they weren’t really there because I was having the baby, they were just there, being all chaotic, and we were at Mimi & DanDan’s house. It was such complete chaos, and I usually don’t know what my dreams mean, but I knew this one meant that I haven’t sorted through all the stuff about birth yet, and it’s all chaotic in my head. At the risk of tmi, but i don’t think any of that was gross… It’s awesome that creative people dream and remember their dreams more vividly… I love dreams, such a fascinating subject!! I still remember the one flying dream I ever had, when I was like 8. I ALWAYS wanted to have that dream again. More about dreams, please!

  4. I love to dream and find that I solve most of my problems in my sleep. I once had a dream that I had 4 sons. One was white, one hispanic, one black and the last one asian. They had names. Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. Figure that one out. I usually can decipher my dreams, but that one has forever stumped me. Love your page, Glad you found me.

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