What To Do If You Get Your iPhone Wet

i got my iphone wetIf you just got your iPhone wet, DO NOT TURN IT BACK ON (if it turned off!)

If your phone is still on, press and hold the sleep/wake (top right) button down for a few seconds until the red “slide to power off” panel appears, then power the phone off. If your iPhone powered off on its own, that’s ok; just leave it off.  

A few nights ago, I did what thousands of other reckless iPhone owners have done and dropped my iPhone into the toilet. Disgusting and upsetting all at the same time.

I credit the research I had done (prior to getting the iPhone wet) with saving my iPhone and the $200+ Apple charges to replace wet/damaged phones. Even if you didn’t do any prior research, you’re in luck because I’m here to help you.

The steps below are extensive and detailed, but the more effort you put in, the higher chance of success you’ll have if you got your iPhone wet.

8Things You Need:

got your iphone wet things you need

iPhone Wet Step #1: Keep it Off

you have a wet iphone so keep it offAs I mentioned above, it is critical that you either keep your phone off, or turn it off – immediately after getting it wet.

Water and iPhones don’t get along, but water and an iPhone that is powered on, is a one-way ticket to hell in a handbasket.
iPhone Wet Step #2: Shake it Dry

iphone wet how to save itGrasp your iPhone from the sides and vigorously shake it back and fourth. Make sure to have a tight grip on it as you wouldn’t want to accidentally throw your iPhone, shattering it.

The more water you get out of the phone, the less damage and time you’ll have to wait before being able to use it again. Do this step until you either feel ready to move on, or if you no longer see any water coming out of the phone.
iPhone Wet Step #3: Blow it Dry

iphone 4 wet how to helpTip: Don’t complete this step while taking a bath. Grab a hair dryer, turn it on the highest setting and blast the warm air up and down your iPhone.

Make sure to pay attention to the bottom of your phone (where the speakers are) and on the top (where the headphone jack and power button are). While doing this step, it is best if you do not put the phone down, but continue to hold it, that way you’ll be able to monitor how hot your iPhone is. If it becomes too hot to hold; you’re probably damaging it.

iPhone Wet Step #4: Save it With a Screwdriver

how to save your wet iphoneThis step is not for novices, as it can prove to be difficult. Get a 3.6mm Philips head screwdriver, or if you’re desperate like I was, a sharp knife will do, but this is even more difficult and not recommended.

Locate the two, very small, screws on the bottom of your iPhone 4 and gently unscrew them. Note: If Apple finds out that you’ve opened the device, your warranty will become void. Not that this matter much, considering you getting it wet pretty much already did this.

Be careful not to lose the screws. They are extremely small and can pop out of the phone unexpectedly, resulting in a needle in a haystack-like search. Once you’ve removed both screws, gently push the back cover of your phone upwards until you can completely remove it.

Inspect the insides of the phone for moisture and locate the small, round sticker-like ‘buttons’ (there’s one near the battery) and if you see that they are all white, you’re very lucky. If you find them to be red, you’re not so lucky, but it’s not the end of the world. (White= not exposed to moisture, Red= exposed to moisture)

iPhone Wet Step #5: Blast it With Compressed Air

iPhone wet i dropped my iphone in the toilet helpAfter completing this step, your iPhone may turn back on, if you’re lucky. Get a can of compressed air (usually sold as dust cleaner) and start at the top of your iPhone by placing the tip of the nozzle into the headphone jack.

Then move to the bottom of the phone and spray the air into the speakers and finish with the exposed back of your iPhone (if you completed Step 4). DO NOT TILT THE CAN OF COMPRESSED AIR! Keep the can upright to avoid severe damage to your iPhone.

iPhone Wet Step #6: Get Some Rice

iPhone wet how to save your iphone after getting wetTip: If your iPhone fell into the toilet, don’t reuse the rice. Get a sandwich-sized Ziplock bag and fill it with either rice or the silica gel packets (you can find these all over your house, in shoe boxes, pill bottles…etc.). Let your iPhone sit in its temporary coffin for a minimum of 24 hours.

Yes that’s a long time, but the longer you wait before turning it on, the better. If you prematurely remove it from the rice and turn it on, you risk shorting out your phone and all the drying and hard work you did was useless.

iPhone Wet Step #7: Pray Like You Mean It

iPhone wet pray that you can save your iphoneAfter the 24-hour minimum rice party, remove the iPhone, screw the back cover on, say a little prayer and attempt to turn it on. Unfortunately, even if it turns back on, you’re not out of the woods yet.

Depending on the extent of moisture exposure your iPhone received, how quickly you acted, the amount of moisture still in the phone and other factors, determine your iPhone’s prognosis. If the insides of your phone were exposed to moisture, it’s only a matter of time before it begins to rust, eventually rendering your mobile useless.

Note: Don’t ever buy an iPhone that has water damage and don’t try to hide the fact that you got your iPhone wet when you take it into the Apple store; they’ll know the truth and you’ll look stupid.

Good luck! If you followed all the steps listed above, you’ll probably be fine. My iPhone was completely submerged, but after doing all of the above it’s been working just fine. By the time the rust moves in, it will be time for a new iPhone anyways. Please support us by liking shenkitup.com’s Facebook page. Hope your iPhone pulls through!

P.S. For additional info, here’s a handy YouTube video on the subject:

What To Do If You Get Your iPhone Wet

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  1. I wet my iphone.nothing happens although follow all the steps mention above.does apple store give me another phone?i dont mind shelling a few bucks but not the price for a new phone.

    • Unfortunately, the Apple store will not give you a new iPhone. There are multiple moisture indicators in the iPhone and when they come into contact with moisture they turn red, if you take your phone to the Apple store they will most likely see that you got your phone wet and deny giving any replacements. If you happen to be lucky, you may be able to find an employee who will overlook the fact that you got your phone wet. It’s rare, but I’ve heard of it happening before. If you’re phone wont turn on, I would suggest leaving it in rice and/or silica gel over night (ten hours or more) again and then trying to turn it on. Anytime you get an iPhone (or any cell phone) wet, the longer you wait before trying to use it the better. Sorry about your bad luck! Wish I could be of more help!
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  2. Mine barely got wet- but wet enough the speakers were sounding weak. I used the compressed air method in the speakers and Voila! Instant fix!!! I was in a total panic. You saved the day!!! Thank you!!!!

  3. would all your old data still be on it?

    • I’ve never experienced data loss after damaging an iPhone, but that’s not to say it couldn’t happen. Usually, if the damage is serious and not just cosmetic, the phone itself will not work thus destroying the data on it. The good thing about the iPhone is that you can connect it to your computer and when you do this all your data is automatically backed up and if you have to get a brand new iPhone, you can just select the option to restore from a previous back and get all your data back. Did you sync your iPhone to your computer?


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