10 Reasons Why Texans Love Texas

texans love their stateHave y’all ever wondered what the big deal was about Texas? What are the reasons why people, who are from Texas, talk as if the state was America’s gift from God?

Maybe you’re from New York and feel as though the idea of Texans having so much pride, for their state, comes from some sort of delusionally-based thought process.

Perhaps you believe that Texans are just ignorant, because Texas couldn’t be that awesome…right?

If that sounds close to how you feel, or maybe you’re just curious about why Texans have so much pride for their state, but regardless of the reason, the facts are simple; Texans love Texas and here’s why.

1. We have options.

texas views have it all

Texas has it all–rivers, piney woods, the beach, big cities, deserts, hills–you name it, we have it and this is a big factor in why Texas is so awesome, well one factor anyways.

2. Texas is Friendly.

 texas is friendly state

Texas is a friendly place, everyone knows that, but even Texans forget just how friendly their state really is. For part of last year, I lived in Europe and when I got back to Texas I was shocked at how nice everyone was, so much so that I found it almost weird.

Then I remembered how awesome it is when people are nice and my love for the Lone Star State became even stronger.

We may carry guns y’all, but we ain’t gonna use em’ unless we got to.

3. Food in Texas makes your taste buds sing.

reasons texas southern meals

Sure Maine has lobster, Idaho has potatoes and New York has steak, but Texas has all that and more, plus its seasoned to perfection–with a little bit of Mexico added in for good measure.

Not only does Texas have some of the best food offered in America, it’s served in portions that would surprise even Paula Deen.

When you’re in Texas you’re welcomed with open arms and a full plate of food, what other reasons do you need?

4. Texas has history, a lot of history.

 reasons the texas alamo 

One of the reasons why Texans love their state so deeply is because we are taught, from an early age, to love Texas.

We’re required to take Texas History, not just U.S. History, or World History, but Texas History. How many states can say that?

5. Texas has Austin.

 texans austin texas night

Austin is the perfect example to show that not all Texans ride horses, chew tobacco and run around acting wild, shouting “y’all.” If you haven’t heard about Austin Texas let me fill you in with some facts:

  • Austin is the state capital and home of the University of Texas (5th largest university in the U.S. by enrollment).
  • Ranked #1 on MovieMaker Magazine’s annual top ten cities to live and make movies.
  • Has more live music venues per capita than any other city and is known as the live music capital of the world.
  • Companies such as Dell Computers, Whole Foods Market and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (rated #1 cinema by Entertainment Weekly) were all founded in Austin, Texas.

And the list could go on, but Austin is just another reason why Texans love, and have so much pride for their state…and rightfully so. Read more about Austin, Texas.


CNN–Money—Best Places to Live

20 Fun and Interesting Facts About Austin Texas

6. Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the economy.

reasons texas employment chart

Would you be proud of your state if it was continually ranked as one of the world’s top economies and had the most job growth out of all the other states?

Not a big deal or anything, but according to the World Bank and the U.S. Department of Commerce, they estimate Texas’s GDP (gross domestic product) at $1.14 trillion, which makes it the world’s 14th largest economy.

Texas also has more Fortune 500 companies than any other state in the union.

texas economic rank

When I hear/read about people dissing Texas, I can’t help but laugh especially because they  usually give the same reasons (see “The Wall of Shame/Idiots” below).

When your state has a bigger economy than a country, such as Australia (<3 y’all), you can’t help but feel a lot of love and a lot of pride for your state.


USA Today–Texas Wins U.S. Economy Shift

AOL Jobs–10 States That Added Jobs in First-Half of 2011

CNBC’s Top States for Business 2010–and the Winner is Texas 

7. We have pride.

reasons dont mess with texasIf you’re thinking that “pride” can’t be part of the list itself, think again. How many states can you think of, with citizens who have so much pride for their state, add ‘Texas’ to everything– just to make it better?

Don’t know what I’m talking about?

texas walker ranger

The pride Texans have for our state goes farther back than the California gold rush and is an intricate part of our every day life, but don’t take my word for it…come to any city in Texas, find a good/busy area of town and shout something like “Texas sucks and I wish we could give it back!!”

…But you best make funeral arraignments ahead of time. Sure, every state has a little pride, but nothing beats Texan pride (this is where all non-Texans roll their eyes).

8. The cost of living makes other states look outrageous.

Both for sale in similar locations (city size, distance from downtown, etc.), but, in Texas, you can buy a home twice the size of a home in California for the same price.

average house cost texas

Everyone enjoys getting a good deal right? Well, Texas is full of great deals–on things that actually matter (like a roof over your head). Want to hear another great thing about Texas?

We have no personal income tax (one of only 7 states) and if you don’t like the high sales tax (min: 6.25% and max: 8.25%), learn how to spend less…that’s simple and beneficial.

reasons state income tax map

What’s that? Over 10 percent tax on personal income in California? Ouch.

 Read these:

Top 10 Tax-Friendly Places to Live 

FAQ: Sales Tax–State.us

10 Best Cities to Live for the Next Decade (P.S. Austin is #1)

9. There’s plenty of sunshine.

The 5-Day Forecast for Central Texas

reasons texas weatherTexas may seem unbearable because of how hot it gets in the summer and, when you combine the heat with humidity levels above 70%, it does get rather uncomfortable.

But guess what…we get to see more of the sun, never worry about destructive earthquakes, rarely have to flee wildfires, never have blizzards and when tragedies do happen, you can bet your bottom dollar your fellow Texans will come to the rescue.

10. Texas was once a Republic…  

reasons texas flag

Probably the strongest of the ‘reasons’, as to why Texans love Texas so much, is because we were once our own Republic and if we feel the need to secede, we probably will.

Texas has a hell of a better chance at doing so than any other state. We have everything we need–money, oil, population, pride, land, etc. etc. and don’t worry about how Texans would defend themselves/fight for their rights; we’ll pull out the guns if necessary.

Yes, New York is amazing, California is beautiful and Florida has pristine beaches, but there’s something about Texas that just makes it better and if you’re anything like these idiots:

why do texans loveYou should probably realize you’re not only stupid, but embarrassing as well. Educate yourself before stating ignorant statements such as ” Texas has nothing,” because you couldn’t be more wrong.

And you just might find yourself getting trampled by a horse ridden by a Texan… No, we don’t all have horses–I know that’s probably shocking. Ok Y’all come back to shenkitup.com now! Have a good day, I’ma go be dumb and ride my horse around in circles!!

P.S. Blast this and make the ears of Texas haters bleed:

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10 Reasons Why Texans Love Texas

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  1. Haha I was just talking about this subject to my friend. Great Post!

  2. Haha YES! I love you crazy Texans.

  3. Kevin Herzog says:

    All so very true

  4. LOVE this!!! :) :) :)

  5. Somebody from California apparently wrote the top part, but somebody from Texas came back and put them on their asses at the bottom. And whoever that was, GOD BLESS YOU!


    – I can wear sandals all year long

    – I go to the Beach – not “down to the shore”

    -Our chicks are WAYYYY hotter than yours. Well…Miami can hang.

    – I say “like” and “for sure” and “right on” and “dude” and “totally” and “peace out” and “chill” and “tight” and “bro” and I say them often

    – I know what real cheese & avocados taste like

    -We’ll roll up 40 deep when something goes down.

    -I live next door to Mexicans, but we call them American’s!

    -All the porn you watch is made here, cause we’re better and thats how it is

    – I don’t get snowdays off because theres only snow in Mammoth, Tahoe, Shasta, and Big Bear

    – I know 65 mph really means 100

    – When someone cuts me off, they get the horn and the finger and high speed chase cuz we dont fuck around on the road

    – The drinking age is 21 but everyone starts at 14 (legally 18 if you live close enough to the border)

    – My governor can kick your governors ass

    – I can go out at midnight

    -You judge people based on what area code they live in, and when asked where you’re from, you give your area code

    – I might get looked at funny by locals when I’m on vacation in their state, but when they find out I’m from California I turn into a Greek GOD

    – We don’t stop at stop signs… we do a “california roll”
    No cop no stop baby!

    – – All the TV shows you “other” states watch get filmed here

    – We’re the Golden State. Not the Cheese State. Not the Garden State…..GOLDEN!!!

    – We have In-N-Out (Arizona and Vegas are lucky we share that with them)

    – I have the most representation in the House of Representatives, which means MY opinion means more than yours, which means I’m better than you [geez…. hahaha]

    – The best athletes come from here




    Ahem… So.. Um.. yeah… I read this, and thought I would reply…

    Hey… California listen up… Texas is where its at!

    – I too can wear sandals all year long… plus I can put on boots to stomp your toes and I won’t even stick out.

    – You may be able to go to the “beach” instead of the “shore”… but can you go to the drive thru “Beer Barn?” What now surfer boy?

    – You’re chicks aren’t way hotter than ours… they are almost equal… and thats only due to silicone, saline, botox, lasers and hair dye… We have the real ones and they can take a california bitch anyday!

    – We’re taught to say “Yes Sir” and “Yes Ma’am” and respect our elders because of it. We also say “howdy”, “fixen” and “Yall” and us TEXANs are pretty much recognized right away anywhere in the world :) We’re famous

    – You may know what real cheese and avocados taste like… but I know what 100% Grade A Angus Beef tastes like. Who wants avocados and cheese when you can have steak and potatoes?

    – Why roll 40 deep when something goes down if 5 corn fed country boys can get the job done…

    – I live next door to americans, but we call them mexicans

    – About your Porn…. 3 words… “Debbie Does Dallas”… You can brag about it now, but we started it

    – Why would you brag about not getting snow days off?

    – We’re smart enough to know 65mph means 65, but our speed limit is 70.

    – – When someone cuts me off, they get run over by my big ass truck, then I give them the finger and tell them to go back to california.

    – The drinking age is 21, but if you aren’t chasin the beer by 1 yr old… you’re behind.

    – Yeah, Well my governor became the President of the United States… yours isn’t even eligible.

    – You can go out at midnight? Thats nice, I haven’t even come home by then.

    – Ok… you said,”You judge people based on what area code they live in, and when asked where you’re from, you give your area code” and as hard as I try I have no idea what you’re talking about… I think you’re watching too much tv.

    -On that note still when Americans go out of the country and asked where they’re from they say “America” or “The United States”, when a Texan goes out of the country and asked where they’re from they say TEXAS.

    – Yeah, you’ll definitely get looked at funny when you come to visit but we have another name for you pretty boys, and its not greek, its french.

    -When we go over there to visit your girls ask if we’re from Texas b/c of our accent and we say “YES”, then they ask if we wear cowboy hats and ride horses, again we say “YES” and then we ask would you like to wear my cowboy hat, save a horse, and ride a cowboy instead? and they say “YES!”

    – Of course you don’t stop at stop signs… none of you can drive.

    – All the tv shows get filmed there… but where does your favorite poker game come from? Texas Hold’em anyone?

    – You can keep your golden state… We’re the Lone Star State…the one and only!!

    – Do I have to remind you about the drive thru Beer Barn again? Does In-N-Out serve alcohol? (Oh and did I mention Dr. Pepper was created in Texas?)and please when u californians come to texas, you always fall in love with what-a-burger biatches!!

    -Do you even know what Big Red is? No, well we smuggle it to your girlfriend everytime we visit.

    – You guys have the best athletes huh?… Eight words… Lance Armstrong and The University of Texas at Austin

    -Everything is bigger in TEXAS

    Though I could mention MICHAEL JOHNSON – Olympic Sprinter, World record holder in 200m and 400m, 5 Olympic Gold medals, 9 time World Champion (born Dallas, Tx)

    Oh and remind me again who won the Rose Bowl between USC and Texas????? I believe it was the LONGHORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    – Football is a religion, not a sport

    – In Texas, football means football, not soccer.

    – 90% of football “movies” you guys are making are about Texas Football.

    -Varsity Blues, filmed in Georgetown, Tx – Friday Night Lights, filmed in Odessa, Tx – Necessary Roughness, filmed in San Marcos, Texas

    – Texas is the only state that can still separate to become its own country. The only way California’s gonna accomplish that is if another earthquake comes along and you guys sink into the ocean. Can you say Atlantis…. hahaha

    • I wrote the entire thing, but THANK You for typing that long comment! I am going to California tomorrow and I’m so excited.

      But Texas is still better :0

    • Patrick says:

      What-a-burger is gross. In-N-Out owns that dump!

    • ColbyGlenn says:


    • texaspride says:

      why “40 deep” when one can fight his own battles? Texans are individualists, not a gang.

      Incidentally a cursory poll of the hottest actresses in Hollywood over the last several decades will reveal most of them came from Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia a few of the great lakes states and Canada in just about that order of predominance.
      The “hot chicks” in California are mostly imports.

  6. Haha I’m from Texas y’all

  7. I <3 Texas

  8. Rebecca Joy says:

    I like this post because of the great content, and because it was shorter than most of yours Nay…”I’m a working girl, you know?” …without a lot of time.

    Oh…and I can’t believe the H-E-B song…so great!!!!!

    H-E-B, I <3 you, please move to North TX?


    Guess what, Cali? We have In-N-Out now, too.

  9. My wife and I moved from San Antonio to TN to take care of her elderly mom and I miss Texas each and every day. I’m always showing my Texas pride around here and making sure everyone knows that Texas is the greatest state in the country. There are way more reasons why Texans love Texas but these 10 are a good way to show the rest of the country why. I love Texas and one day I WILL come home and never leave again. God bless Texas!!!

  10. Texas is the best and I feel bad for the rest! Great article! :)

  11. Except for Garland. :)

  12. My husband is from Texas. Obviously, his name is Dallas-which is totally lame. He’s obsessed with the place. Texas, Texas, Texas. It’s all I hear about. Too bad my in-laws still live there, so we never will. A few things though, that picture of The Alamo makes it look like a nice place to visit. It’s not. The Alamo sucks balls. I refer to San Antonio as, “the worst place in America.” Also, you can’t have a list about Texas and not mention Pat Green. I’m very disappointed in you.

    • you’re just another jealous northerner who thinks their state is better than texas! TEXAS IS THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU STUPID NORTHERNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Great article, but you left out the LoneStar State’s answer to Mardi Gras – Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. It begins late February with the World Championship BBQ Cook Off where over 300,000 people walked the grounds. Three weeks of rodeo and concert performances follow that will be attended by more than 3,000,000 and at the end – over $10,000,000 in scholarships is awarded to Texas students. Rodeo is a great reason to love Texas

  14. Austin shouldn’t be on the list. It’s a great place to be a rich white person, and it’s a great place to be a single, educated white person with no responsibilities. Many such people love Austin, but it’s not a reason to love Texas. I have never met anyone in any other Texas city that would say “we have Austin” is a reason to love the state.

    • Actually, I would. I have had the unfortunate experience of being told Aggieville was a great place. Aggieville is next to K-State in Manhattan, Kansas and people have said it’s equivalent to 6th Street. I went there and just laughed at how much it sucked in comparison. Austin is DEFINITELY something to be proud of.

    • Guess you’ve never been to Austin, have you?

  15. I’m not a native but “got here as soon as I could” and when I posted the link on FB my brother pointed out that the picture in the middle of the collage is “The Mittens” in Arizona. True? Please clarify.

    • Oh gosh…I honestly have no idea! I got those pictures from a friend and I could have sworn he said that was in west Texas. Guess I’ll have to look into it and change it if your brother is right. Thanks for letting me know!!!

  16. No, actually, that’s The Mittens in Monument Valley Utah.

  17. Thanks Nate! I LOVED your article and am a big fan of Texas. {I’m off to tell my brother!} This really does sum up so many of the wonderful things about this state!

  18. hey i’m a texan too and everything you said about texas is all true ever day it’s always sunny here in texas. and all i have to say now is to the lady named bridget . bridget SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DON’T KNOW AT ALL HOW TEXAS IS A GREAT STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!11 IT’S THE BEST STATE IN THE U.S.A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU HATE TEXAS SO MUCH THEN DIVORCE YOU HUSBAND YOU STUPID NORTHERNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Kristen says:

    Exactly how i feel (: I sure do love My State <3

  20. Kelly Jean says:

    Man, after reading the comments, I’m ashamed of being from California now…so y’all know, not all Californians are pompous, arrogant, pricks…some of us still cringe when we see daddy’s belt. Texas was very high on my list of places to move once we were able to get the heck out of California (aka northern mexico) but I decided I didn’t want to live in another border state. Though, after reading this, I’m thinking I should have given it a little more consideration :)

  21. I actually told a guy that I was dating that I’d break up with him if he moved out of Texas.
    We broke up for other reasons though.

  22. I don’t think Bridget was insulting Texas… she just didn’t care for the Alamo. Fact is San Antonio is a great city, but there ARE areas in San Antonio (just like any other major city) that you want to stay away from. The North West side of SA has beautiful hills. The Dominion is there… If you don’t know what that is, it’s a subdivision full of million dollar homes. George Strait has a home there, as well as Tommy Lee Jones, Tim Duncan, and David Robinson.

    As far as people go who insult Texas… I say it’s pure ignorance. People often make assumptions about things they know nothing about. People (generally people from the north, oh, and California) believe that they are somehow superior to Texans and the south in general. They believe they are somehow intellectually superior to us based on their geographic location. As if there’s some sort of magic line that you have to live across to rate higher up the scale on an IQ chart. The fact that you can believe something so vague and unfounded shows alone that you’re already ignorant and naive.

    Let them insult Texas… and Texans but remember:

    “Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds.” – Albert Einstein

  23. i love texas more than anyone in the world. got a problem? too bad. deal with it. cause texas is great, and texans are great. love y’all. <3

  24. NoNeedToBrag says:

    Texans have a SEVERE need to brag on themselves. That is a red flag for insecurity. Confident people have no need to do this because they are secure in themselves. I believe Texans are an insecure people because they allowed a president to be killed there when the rest of us didn’t. Plus the land is mostly pasture land for cows. There isn’t much to do in the neighboring states so Texas is the big fish in the pond. You will typically find Texans bragging on steak (once again cows) or boots (cows) or their history in battle (what? No Texan ever fought as much as the poor Southerners did). Also, I would bet that Texas has more uneducated people …it’s kind of a blue collar state and that’s another reason for the bragging. White collar (college educated) people have learned not to behave in this manner…because they are educated. Nothing against cows, mind you, cause I love eating burgers as much as anyone. I just don’t think it’s a reason to brag :)

    • Lmao we let a president get killed? Are you serious? You aware that he was sniped right? And a whole state is insecure? You are so insignificant to common sense its not even funny.

  25. NoNeedToBrag says:

    The South gets bashed all of the time, but it has single handedly out produced not just Texas but the whole country in terms of talent. Home of Country Music (Nashville). Birthplace of Rock (Memphis), Birthplace of Blues(Mississippi Delta and Memphis), NFL leaders like the whole Manning family, Favre, Walter Payton, Hershel Walker, Bo Jackson, etc….there are Waaaaay too many to mention. The SEC OWNS the national football titles in college every single year, even though Texas claims to be a big football state. All states have something to brag about, but we don’t do it. WhY? Because my mama and the Bible said the only thing worth bragging about is Jesus. When you Texans go on about yourself, you are really putting yourself on the throne of your life and showing who you truly worship….yourselves.

    • I only jokingly brag about my state when someone knocks it like happens all of the time. I never have witnessed a Texan trying to seriously brag about how great we are and better than the rest. Yes, we are proud of our state. Yes, other states citizens constantly trash us.

      So Texas football is supposed to take on a whole division to prove superiority? This isn’t bragging , but look at how many schools recruit in the state of Texas. OU, OSU rosters are thick with Texans. Look at how many Texan players are in college footbal. It’s really not a secret but he obvious

      We lived in California for 5 months and left because people treated us so horribly for being Texans. Grant it, this was in 1978 and things may have changed.
      The flood of Californians that have moved to Texas get teased but in no way are unwelcome. Any person(s) wanting to visit or live here are plenty welcome. They obviously want to be here so we intend on making them feel comfortable. We are all Americans, there’s no need to trash each other.
      Texas is the best……………..LOL JK! No I’m not :D

  26. Santiago Kuiz says:

    Hi, Great article, I’ve bookmarked this page and have a feeling I’ll be returning to it regularly.


  28. Proud Texan here :) Thank You for makin this page !

  29. No earthquakes? No need to flee wildfires? Wrong on both counts. And no blizzards? Go to Amarillo during the winter. A good GDP? Yes, thanks to oil and cheap labor from Mexico. Otherwise, Texas would be another Mississippi. But for many Texans, that big GDP equals a low paying job with no benefits. Secede? You tried that once, how did that work out for you? (and by the way, Texas has no special right to secede) Sunshine? Yes, along with skin cancer and temperatures that keep you inside the house all summer. Austin? Yes– The state’s only saving grace. Cost of living? Yes, lower compared to California but what good is that when the working people of your state have to live in second hand broken down mobile homes because of low wages? History? Yes, so does every other state. Cities? Yes, some of the most traffic congested and crime filled in all the country.

    Texas is unique but in ways that are not always good. It has more right wing wackos per capita than any other state. It will be a nice stare—-when it turns blue. Given the demographics and the socioeconomic status of its people, it should have been a blue state all along.

  30. texas u get laid FAST IN TEXAS IN CALIF U HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE?i should have not move to ca?i will be moving back?live they for 16yrs and love it?people will help u,if u need it in texas?ca sucks?I miss my ladys like Irene,mary,alice all three at the same time?Black,mex,asia?

  31. Ex-Texan for a Reason says:

    I was born and raised in Texas, and I can tell you from the time I was a youngster, I NEVER understood the basis for Texas pride. All the swaggering bravado seemed to be covering up a big ol’ case of insecurity.

    What makes Texas great? Well, it’s really big… but really– does that make it great? Yes, it has a good economy…from exploiting the environment (!)

    As a native Texan, I can say with a certain authority that many Texas are just straight-up stupid, way too conservative for most thinking persons, drive like idiots, have way too many guns, execute too many people, have poor dietary habits, are WAY too Born Again, are racist, and not nearly as “hospitable” or “friendly” as they’d like you to believe. Texans buy into their own myth, and the indoctrination of that myth starts young and gets laid on heavy. Also, with a few exceptions like the lovely Hill Country, Texas as a whole is plug-ugly! It’s just ugly and boring.

    I was seven years old when I told my family I’d leave Texas and move to California when I grew up–and that’s exactly what I did. I’ll take the self-involved, smug, Prius-driving, yoga-posing, ganja smoking, snobbish, gay-loving population over ya’ll Texans any day. (And check this out: I’m secure enough to bash on my beloved Golden State without feeling like some kind of traitor).

    BTW, I moved back from the SF Bay Area to Houston in July 2012 to care for my ailing, elderly parents. I was here a mere FOUR DAYS when I was mowed down by a hit-and-run driver while I was walking in a well-marked pedestrian intersection. My right leg was shattered, and although I can walk very short distances, I probably cannot return to my profession as a nurse–ever.

    Texans have reverence for the almighty vehicle (read: big trucks) over unimportant pedestrians. Texans actually laugh at the concept of “pedestrian right of way,” and in fact bicyclists are regularly run off the road–sometimes badly injured or even killed–as sport. This is not my California-addled brain imagining this stuff–it’s been the grist of several news investigations in Houston.

    A lot of this stems from the “everything is bigger in TX” mentality. As in: bigger=better. “My big-ass truck is way bigger than your puny human body; therefore my truck’s rights supersede yours” type of mentality. I see it in the mentality of my “progressive, liberal” Texas parents. Mom refers to her Mexican friends as her “little” friends… She gets to be “bigger” (therefore better) because she’s a White Texan versus a brown-skinned immigrant. Bigger=better, sugar!

    Texans, wake up. This unjustified “pride” truly smacks of deep-down insecurities. It’s a case of overcompensation. Like the guy with a tiny dick and a fast, fancy car–overcompensation.

    And for all y’all who will think of these as fighting words, remember, I’M A NATIVE TEXAN, and y’all protest suspiciously way too much!

    • Wow. You need to chill out and go see a therapist. Seriously.

    • Dissed Cali and Texas in one rant. Nice dude, way to go.

      • Ex-Texan for a Reason says:

        Only ignorant rednecks call it “Cali.” Go console yourself with your big gun(s), Bible, and your pickup. Texas is the laughing stock of the rest of the nation.

        • davsimpson says:

          What a ridiculous comment. Funny you say a “laughing stock” but yet I’m starting to notice tons of California license plates these days here in Texas. And the 2 I’ve encountered were some of the most self centered people I have ever met, seem to think we were luck that they were gracing us with their presence. What a joke! Sure Texas has its flaws, but what’s wrong with showing pride in the positive? Imo California is the real laughingstock, the ME state in dept up to their ears, but arrogant, materialistic, and with messed up priorities. So, I’d liked to thank you for leaving Texas will be better off without people like you. Funny how ignorant you are of the very state you claim to have been born and raised in. Good riddance!

  32. Tango mike says:

    I was just in Texas, I’m Hispanic and received the dirtiest looks the whole time, one time a lady shot me a disgusted look while I was in an elevator, she walked out such a hurry she bumped herself in a rush while she looked back at me in disgust. People on the streets in Dallas did the same. I was denied entry into one place because I was wearing a jacket and there was a possibility I would take it off and so I wasn’t allowed to go in, I’ll say it’s in Houston and ryhmes with pulp fiction, with that logic anyone could get naked at anytime but because I have darker skin I was alienated. This isn’t 1980 this is November 2012. I was there for business and still received dirty looks everywhere I went for no reason at all. A texan actually told me that texans don’t like black people and he was from Houston and a lot of texAns said the same thing. I’m a former marine and chemical engineer, I’m also Puerto Rican and my parents were born in NY as was I, besides Puerto Ricans are American citizens but everyone looked at me like I was Mexican or black. Maybe they were just confused because all I saw was robots. People are too scared to be themselves in Texas and everyone conforms to the norm. Except in Austin which is the only art if Texas that makes sense! What a bitchin city!!!!!!!!! Anyway I live in Cali but if I moved to Texas I would teach them a little about cultural diversity and world awareness which you get in the coasts. I live in cali now because you can’t ever beat the weather and the women are way hotter with way better bodies but Texan women are smokin too.

    • I’m originally from the Corpus Christi area and have many friends who are Hispanic and I’ve never heard them say that before. I mean there’s going to be ignorant racists wherever you go, but I honestly don’t think it’s worse here in Texas. I’m white so I can’t speak from personal experiences but I’m sorry that you feel that way! I’m glad you found somewhere you enjoy living though!
      Nate Shenk recently posted..9 Authentically Bad First Date SituationsMy Profile

      • Enjoyed your site but…….
        I have an urge to kill all the haters of our great country.
        Secession NOW my fellow Texans!
        Oh and to the Cali transplant originally from Texas…. GOFKURSELF.

        BTW, did you go to Ray or Carroll. You don’t sound like a Mustang.

        Corpitos homes y Viva TEXAS!

    • TANGO mike you were in the wrong place at the wrong time bud, im from Houston and I am Mexican, here you are not really a minority. My girl is boricua from Boston and loves it here bud, hope your next time is better! If you are ever in Houston, we are here!

    • Please don’t come back, we have more than our share of ignorant transplants. There’s no place like Texas and if you don’t like it here,,,leave. God bless Texas

  33. I love my Texas, my city , my people and OUR PRIDE FOR IT ALL! People can ask why, but just know we have it more than you. I’ve been to Boston and it was gorgeous, the east coast is beautiful, but guess what? I couldnt wait to be back in my Houston. I love my Texans, and we love visitors. Howdy! A&M love.

  34. This list really shows how ignorant and blind Texans are…State pride is well and good, but you folks go overboard and the rest of the nation looks at you like you’re crazy for a reason. Going through this list, I can immediately spot the flawed logic.
    1. Options: If you think your state is special because you have a bunch of different types of places to live, you’re wrong. Texas is one of the largest states and should have many different types of places to live. But compared to New Jersey, which is one of the smallest states, it’s almost silly. There’s snow in the winter, hot weather for the beach in the summer, and forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, hills all year round. Many other states are like this.
    2. Texas is friendly: To white people, maybe? And only if you’re a conservative. I’ve got family from the south and they always look at us northerners like they’d prefer to be hanging us than sharing a meal. And my aunt, who moved there to live with her husband, frequently complains, “Yeah, everyone is so sweet until you turn around so they can stab a knife in your back.” Like anywhere, it depends who you are. I don’t even think we need to address the racism, homophobia, sexism, and intolerance for anyone with an opposing view. My boyfriend is from Texas and has warned me not to mention I’m a liberal feminist with a college degree.
    3. Food: So fattening I could vomit. I get the hearty meal thing, but when you’re frying corn bread and butter, you have a problem. Not to mention you can’t get any decent ethnic food unless it’s Mexican. This tends to be a problem in many states though. Even in California, finding a decent Chinese or Italian restaurant is such a chore. But there’s never any issue in New York or New Jersey.
    4. History: Again. You’re not special because you take Texas History. I took New Jersey History. I’d also like to remind you which colonies were the original 13 and where most eight graders go on their class trip: Washington, D.C., because the history there is more important to the nation as a whole and extends back even farther than Texas’.
    5. Austin: Seriously? Okay. New York, Los Angeles, D.C., Boston, Baltimore, Memphis, New Orleans, San Francisco, Orlando. Just because you have a big city doesn’t make your state special. Just because it’s got a few cool things doesn’t make it the grand pumba, must-visit city.
    6. Economy: Bigger isn’t always better. 14th largest economy, you say? Okay. California is the 7th largest. But again, bigger isn’t always better, especially considering that Texans tend to be much poorer than people in other states and on average are less likely to be insured.
    7. Pride: We have pride because of pride. We have reasons because of reasons. Ignoring that, as I said earlier, yes, you have pride. So do most people in their states. But you guys take it to the extreme that people look at you like you’re stupid for a reason. It’s great to have pride, but when you can’t admit your flaws and walk around like your state God’s gift to America, you need to check yourself.
    8. Cost of living: You can’t even compare those homes. Nobody really wants to live in the middle of nowhere Texas, so it’s going to be cheaper. Compared to a prime location somewhere in California, of course it’s going to be more expensive. Not to mention things have to be cheaper there considering most Texans couldn’t afford either of those homes. Again. Nobody with a brain wants to move to middle of nowhere Texas compared to Orange County California or a county right outside of New York. Location, location, location. Your location is not desirable.
    9. I’m living in California at the moment and I cannot stand the weather. It’s Orange County, so it never rains. I absolutely hate it. Sun is great if that’s all you want day after day. I love rain and snow and I’m missing it terribly. I can’t stand living in the same season 24/7.
    10. Texas was a republic: New Jersey was a colony. You are never going to be independent again. Last time you tried, you failed miserably. And if Texas were to try to secede today, it wouldn’t be legal. So that means the federal government could use force to make you stay. And no, I highly doubt that a bunch of Texans with their guns will outmatch the military. Nice try.
    Go ahead and have pride in your state, but don’t walk around too stupid to recognize it has its flaws and isn’t as special as you think it is. That’s what’s really annoying.

    • Mockingbird7 says:

      First, I would like to point out that the author here does not present flawed logic, but rather suggests that people, specifically Texans, love Texas because it is a wonderful place and in their eyes, the reasons listed are why. Yes, I am a Texan, but I have lived all over the world, so while I do have Texas pride, I am realistic enough to realize there are flaws.
      1. The author never says no one else has all the various landscapes that Texas has; he merely points out it is one of the many factors that makes Texas a nice place. Don’t like Amarillo? Move to Austin. California (in terms of landscape) I would accept as an argument.
      2. Texas is friendly to many races of people. I have friends from all over the world of all different races, and they love Texas. I have never heard of any of them being treated horribly. So, to say that the people of Texas are only friendly to white, heterosexuals, is ignorant and short-sighted. Not to mention it is completely unfair to those of us who are open-minded and educated. And, shockingly, I am a liberal feminist from Texas (with 3 degrees!) and I received two of my degrees in Texas, one being in Women’s Studies. *Side note* Women have been attending college in Texas since the 1800s, so it isn’t that much of a phenomena.
      3. Whole Foods was started in Austin, so there are at least one or two healthy-minded people in the state. There are lots of wonderful food in Texas. Some of the best German food I have had outside of Germany is in Texas (Fort Worth). And some of the best Pho I have ever had outside of Vietnam is in Texas (Amarillo…shocking, right?). It simply isn’t true there is no good food in Texas. Not to mention, Texas has a huge population of immigrants from Europe (as most states do now), so to say that no good food exists there is insulting to all those wonderful people who have brought their customs to America, and especially Texas.
      4. Perhaps in the northeast it is possible to take trips to DC and maybe more students in Texas do now. However, in keeping with the idea of Texas history, we take trips to the Alamo. However, I fail to see what Washington DC has to do with New Jersey. What landmarks do you visit in New Jersey when studying New Jersey history? When you take New Jersey history, do they then take you to Washington DC? Why? I would also like to point out that while New Jersey might have been settled by the whites before Texas, there was quite a rich culture in area that is now Texas before it ever existed in the area that is now New Jersey.
      5. Austin is pretty cool and so is San Antonio and Fort Worth. And, frankly, these places are as interesting as New York, Orlando, Los Angeles, Boston, Baltimore, Memphis. I also think the point the author was trying to make was we aren’t just a bunch of gun-toting, horse-riding cowboys (although, cowboys are awesome). We do have a fantastic music scene, up-and-coming restaurants, museums, and rich cultural events. So, if Midland/Odessa isn’t your scene, try Austin.
      6. I would like to know where you found your statics on Texans are poorer than other states and less likely to be insured. For what basis is this comparison? If you you are arguing poverty, what is the criteria? More often than not, I have found that people are moving to Texas (especially from California) because the cost of living is lower and the job market is consistently better. California may be the 7th largest economy, but their state is broke, and, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like recovery is coming quickly.
      7. Texans know their flaws. And, frankly, our politicians of recent haven’t exactly helped our image. But what is the point of dwelling on the bad, when we have so many good aspects to our state?!
      8. The point about the homes is absolutely untrue. Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and many small towns throughout Texas have wealthy inhabitants. From business owners to artists to celebrities and oil tycoons, there are many wealthy people. There are also educated, successful middle-class families. Not everyone in Texas is poor. I’m not sure where that stereotype comes from, but the classes are just as varied in Texas as they are anywhere else. To say that no one in Texas could afford a home in California is ridiculous. And your comment is offensive. I have a brain, and I would much rather live in middle-of-nowhere Texas than Orange County. Brains have nothing to do with the decision.
      9. Texas does have changing seasons. I just returned from Amarillo where there was 2-3 inches of snow during Christmas break. Again, Texas is warm, but despite popular belief, we do have different seasons.
      10. Yes, you are correct. Texas cannot legally secede from the U.S.; however, if Texas could legally secede, it would have an economy similar to Australia simply for the fact we pay more to the federal government than they give us (meaning we do not receive very much federal aid compared to other states). So, more than likely, it would be successful (if we imagine the US government was willing to let us go and the break was mutual…no military involved). However, I am unclear about the point of Texas being a Republic and New Jersey being a colony. New Jersey was never an independent nation, but Texas was. We had our own constitution, politicians, and money, which is why, I can only presume, the idea of seceding is a hot topic in Texas (even though legally we cannot, it is nice to think about).
      I’m not trying to change your point of view about Texas. I merely want to point out for all the points made about Texans (that we are stupid, ignorant, racist, homophobic, etc) we are not all that way. And by deeming us all that, shows ignorance, stupidity, and racism. There are people all over the world who embrace evil, oppressive ideas, but, despite popular belief, they do not all reside in Texas.
      And….We do recognize our flaws, but we happen to find good in our state, so we like to emphasize that. ;-)

  35. ima texan says:

    I don’t get why people post stereotypes . maybe they’re just jealous old


  36. Native Texan says:

    God bless Texas! Stuck in Arizona for past 10 years. Nice enough. Can’t find decent Tex-Mex food or CFS! One small quirk: only time they smile & say hello is when they think they can sell you bad real estate or some other way to get your money in their pocket. Too bad there’s no meet ups for Texans in Phoenix. Yep, Texas isn’t perfect neither are Texans. Most have big attitudes that go with big hearts and willingness to help their neighbors. All that drives their success. – if you don’t like Texas or Texans you can always find another place to put your comments :)

  37. Texas is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Visited there a couple of years ago, New Braunfels. The people are nice. We are moving there in 18 months we liked it so much. Just waiting for son to graduate high school and we are official Texans. I am from Colorado, hate the taxes, hate the people, hate the snow, hate people doing nothing but soaking off the system. Can’t hardly wait. Nothing looks better than Colorado in my rear view mirror.

    • I can’t tell you how jealous I am! I’ve been stuck in Colorado the past 15 years and hate it! I dream of one day moving to Austin or San Antonio. I lived in San Antonio for 3 years prior to Colorado. Best wishes to you, and congrats on escaping! :)

    • One nice thing about Texas for sure…….
      You don’t have to born here to become on of us.
      Welcome home hermanos!

  38. El Mordicio says:

    I am rural from the north of Europe and we all say HELL YES! TEXAS is our inspiration! Who was that guy that was governor there? Can’t be the fatty Chris Christie. He can’t walk that far. Santorum? Miliant god/jihad idiot,,, Throw there asses off your government. I’m serious. Obama isn’t a change. It’s decades of work and it will not happen in a day. My best to you. If the fuckups in wallstreet are going to do 10’s of millions and cut civil liberties just to cover their rear, what are we? To their thinking the stupid desperate, ignorant, mob. They may have it all but they do have only one thing. Overgrown greed. Passion to their work they never ceased to measure in human ways. They will face eventually downfall that isn’t about gays, black people, hispanic,no. They held so long they could get all they can. Now they stand alone. With all their riches. I ask you. Are these pathetic people even worth a vengeance? What if their currency wasn’t valid tomorrow? What if we don’t give a shit like they so openly give about us? Do they drink toasts to that? All they had was imagination and selling it. Now they are going with explanations.

  39. yall needa quit hatting on tx !>.<

  40. Regan Lukes says:

    I would appreciate to be anywhere near a beach!

  41. you forgot the part about schools cutting programs to keep their football teams in peak shape. who needs smarts when you can play football? also you forgot the part where 40 thousand people tried to speak for millions in the secession petition. Don’t forget the texan’s don’t call 911. statement is invalid. oh also. considering how much obama bashing went on about gun reform, texas allows you to carry a gun but if you use it to defend yourself be careful where you are! you might be the victim of a double standard on the law. but thats all fun and games it doesn’t happen to everyone, it just happens enough to be noticeable by those with common sense. texas sucks. the best economy is an inflated sack of bullshit. cost of living not as bad as some areas. the picture comparing the homes is false also. neither of those homes are 300k and the one in california would have a higher price tag because the backyard isn’t dirt and on 6 month water restriction.

  42. I am a born and bred Texan. Lived here for most of my life, and graduated from UT Austin. I never understood why Texas was so great until I was older. It truly is unique in it’s friendliness, varied natural beauty, history and culture. The main thing I love about Texas (aside from you fine gentlemen in boots, chaps and cowboys hats) is the community I feel with other Texans. We are a very unified people and I love that about us. Oh and Texas women are indeed beautiful. I’ve had two model scouts from top agencies tell me they come often to Texas to seek out Texas girls cause we got what it takes. ;) love y’all and howdy, dammit from ATX.

  43. its not texas thats the greatest part of america, its Houston. Houston has it all from rich yuppies to gansta thugs, to hillbilly country folk, its the only place on earth thats awesome

  44. You ladies know how, if your out on the town in a bar somewhere just relaxing with your friends, and some guy walks up with WAAAAYYYY to much cologne on? That face you just made is what the ENTIRE WORLD thinks of Texas. Too. Much.

  45. You guys are known for being racsit. :/
    My bf’s from texas. he and he’d like to move back there one day but im SUPER hesitant
    cause y’all are racist down there and im scared for my safety

  46. According to this link.. 2 million Californians have left in the past 10 years most coming to Texas. So before spouting off how California is better then Texas I suggest giving it a good read.

  47. To add to your Texas was once a Republic comment. Three interesting fact most from other states don’t know, Texas was an independent nation from 1836 to 1845, Texas is the only state to enter the United States by treaty instead of territorial annexation and by treaty the Texas flag is the only state flag that flies at the same height as the United States flag.

    • I took down the American flag 2 years ago. I only fly our flag now as is best imo. My father finally followed suit as well.
      Secession NOW my fellow Texans!
      After all, which are you really? An American? Or a Texan? It shouldn’t take too long to answer that question.

  48. This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger.

    I’ve joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your fantastic post. Also, I’ve shared your site in my social networks!
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  49. dsm93talon says:

    Born in Texas, aint been back since age 2.
    I feel the call to come back in my bones. God bless Texas!!!!

    • Coloradoan by birth, Texan by choice! I was always asked when I was growing up if I was from Texas anyway, so when I got out of the house, I came right HOME! During the Texas fires near Austin, this State proved, once again, that I made the right choice! All of our fire victims had their immediate needs taken care of by their community within hours of losing their homes, before FEMA even had their feet on the ground! Within two days, the donation centers were turning people with supplies away because there was nowhere else to put them! This community and our fellow Texans from around the state were right there when we needed them! Thank you, Texas. I adore you!

  50. Lead Farmer says:

    I love your article! Everytime we cross the Texas border something just doesn’t feel right. I don’t know, but hospitality can’t be beat either. *cough* Colorado…

  51. Texas is not filled with rednecks. It is the best state ever because the people are not fake like California. If you still think we are all rednecks, spend a week in Dallas, it is just like any other metropolitan area but the people are friendlier.

    • Can someone explain to me why these Cali transplates dress up in hundreds of dollars in clothes and jewelry just to go shopping at HEB? It makes no sense to me and you can see them looking down their noses at me for having the gaul to where levis, boots, and a t-shirt. Its the grocery store you stupid calis, not a dam million dollar wedding at a country estate.
      I’ve been to those by the way. Nothin’ like seein’ a bunch of finely dressed Texans drunk as skunks and riding seedos in an oversized pond.
      Rock on TEXAS!

  52. Jillian says:

    I love this! I am doing my very best to move my family down to the Texas “shore” within the next two years and my husband and I are doing so for all the above reasons and more. I LOVE TX!!

  53. I think this is among the most vital info for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But should remark on few general things, The site style is great, the articles is really great : D. Good job, cheers
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  54. Everyone I’ve ever hated was from California lol.

    I love Texas. I’ll never leave(:

  55. ProudTexan says:

    one thing though…the entire state was on fire back in ’11…

  56. Ninja Muffin says:

    Oh, kiss my ass. If you want to become your own big thing, go ahead. You can if you want, and from what I’ve seen from you idiots, you want to. So, be my guest and separate.

    Everything’s bigger in Texas? Well, come over to Dubai and New York City, hun. You’re up for a shock. You guys are famous? Ha. You guys are famous for, what, being 3 times more arrogant than an average american? Wow, so impressive. When you get separated, you’ll be called Texas. We’ll still be called the United States of America. You may have pride, but, of course, we’re united.

    I have to admit, at first, I was like, ” Oh good for you. :) ” when I saw something good about texas. But guess what let me get surprised and utterly pissed off? The comments. You bitch about being able to become a state, yet you aren’t doing it.

    And, one more thing. Everything’s bigger in Texas? Than I can’t wait to go there and look at everyone’s weight.

  57. “Life is too short not to live in Texas.” Enough said!

  58. Texas Is Beautiful but Still Ignorant says:

    Some reasons why Texas is not so great (from a former Texan).

    1) There is the immense fear/racism amongst white Texans toward other races. Lets get real – the Hispanic population will overtake Texas as the majority in ten to twenty years. Gerrymandering your voting boundaries isn’t showing your Texas pride but showing your Texas ignorance on the matter. And lets get over the fact that a black man was elected president.

    2) Enormous debt

    3) Low-performing public schools. Teachers do not want to teach in Texas due to the low pay, low respect from the Texas legislature.

    4) Restricting a woman’s right to choose, as demonstrated to the entire nation in the last months, only creates more backyard abortion clinics versus professional ones.

    5) Texas needs to stop using religion as this basis of their everyday life. It makes Texans look silly.

    6) Droughts

    7) Severe poverty — the haves and the have nots. And most Texans want to keep it that way (see #1)

    • Lest you forget mr. ex texan. Hispanics are half white (Spanish/Mexia Indian). Things are workin’ out just fine between the two ethnicities but nice try with the divisioning.

  59. Fun list. I was good with three and five. I have to admit, the BBQ in Texas is simply incredible. For obvious reasons I’m a fan of Austin. I was born in the midwest and lived around the country and there truly is no other place like Austin. I find the misconceptions about Austin and Texas are from people who have never been here.

    Again, fun list. Good job!
    Austin Texas | Kevin recently posted..Austin Great for Young ProfessionalsMy Profile

  60. There is only one way to cope with those who don’t like us – KEEP THEM OUT OF TEXAS!

  61. Lula Shaker says:

    In one word, Texas SUCKS. Too many Mexicans, stupid Texas Ranger hats, fine dining at Applebee’s or the zillion other crappy CHAIN restaurants that indicate a place totally devoid of any culture, dumb ass boots, stupid bar-b-q, Dub-ya, pickup trucks, flag-waving hypocrites………….the list is infinite. Good Food?!?!?! HA! Maybe its proximity to Louisiana will rub off in the form of some good food. Low taxes are a plus and DFW is the easiest major hub to navigate, but those are the only redeeming qualities of this godforsaken state full of buffoons.

  62. Wooo Texas! ♥ btw we do have In-N-Out. First one opened in Frisco and now they’re all over Dallas. (:

  63. nancycakes says:

    I am from Indiana and I LOVE Texas! I kinda wanna move there!

  64. someone says:

    Thanks for this post. It’s nice to read something good about our state for a change.

    I was born in raised in Texas and have lived in various areas of the state. I thought some placed were great and I thought some places were terrible. Some people probably love the places I hated or hate the places I loved. For the most part I like living in Texas, and while it’s not right for everyone it’s right for me (I’m not saying they wouldn’t have a right to be here I mean it wouldn’t be right for anyone who would be miserable here). For me Texas is the best state but this is just my opinion not everyone one will agree with me and there’s no reason they have to. I don’t think Texas is better than other states I know Texas has flaws but is there any state that can honestly say it’s 100% perfect? I also don’t think other states are better than Texas.
    I think every state has great things about it and every state has flaws.

    I do get tired of the stereotypes. We are not all white supremacist racist (Not everyone here is white and although some are racist most of the people I know and knew were not). We are not all rednecks (I’ll admit I’ve met some but the majority of the people I knew were not). We are not all Bible thumpers (I for one am one of the least religions people you could ever meet). We don’t all go around dressed like cowboys all the time; some do but not every one.
    I know other states have untrue stereotypes about them that the people from and/or currently living in the State must get tired of as well.

  65. , thanks so much for posting this! It is gonna be so helpful when I am thinking about going to Hollywood Permian Palace in Fort Wayne! I am from Ottawa so I am not familiar with Midland. Next time I visit my family will be so much better! So Beautiful!

  66. Idk where you got the idea we don’t have blizzards in Texas.

  67. Just want to say your article is true. I’ve just started doing business in TX this last year and I’ve come to realize Texans have a perspective that is very unique. At first I just felt lucky to be dealing with the people I was but I have come to realize they are the rule rather than the exception. Congratulations Texans you you found a truth not all people find: treat people well and the joy of living will find you. Thank you

  68. I am originally from California and I lived in Texas for 3 years. I was drawn to all of the things listed above and especially the friendly people. After spending a few years there, I realized that California has everything Texas had except it was all a million times nicer or better in California. The one exception is friendly people. People in California are just dicks. All of them. I miss the friendly people of Texas, but I’m glad I got out when I did. If you have never traveled outside of Texas, there is a good chance that when you do, you will never return.


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