10 Things You Should Do Every Day

10 things you should do every dayThere’s a few things we should do each day that pretty much go without saying: eating, breathing, sleeping, etc. etc.

Then there are things, that we should do, or more of, seem to slip off the radar and out of our minds.

Perhaps you’re the type who sits at the front of the class, always remembers to take your vitamins and never forgets a birthday, so lists, such as this, are simply unnecessary.

But lets get real; everyone needs a little reminder of how to make their day a little bit better, myself included. Here are the 10 things we should do every day, but most likely wont.

Things You Should Do:

1. Tell yourself that you’re awesome.

This probably seems stupid, or even a little too Kanye West-like, but if you don’t like yourself, you probably aren’t very happy, or only pretending to be happy and you can only pretend for so long.

As long as you aren’t spending hours in front of the mirror, you should definitely remember to tell yourself each day that you are, in fact, awesome…unless you’re her and you tried too hard.

Things You Should Do: 2.

Eat something green every day.

things you should do eat a flowerNo that isn’t something green, but it’s better than a picture of a piece of lettuce!

There are thousands of different types of vegetables in this great world of ours, but the hard part is getting yourself to eat them and sometimes we don’t mind ‘forgetting’ about them in the first place.

However, if you remember to eat your veggies each day, you’ll probably live longer (unless you get hit by a bus) and feel better doing it (living longer, not getting hit by a bus).

Things You Should Do: 3. Put Down the Phone

Calm down I don’t mean you should become Amish, I’m talking about taking a short break from all the electronic devices that we constantly use…better take advantage of this option while you can because pretty soon you won’t be able to escape them, ever.

I promise they’ll still be there when you come back and, even if it’s just for 30 minutes, try to relax without using something with batteries…ehh. Good luck.

Things You Should Do: 4. Drink more water.

things you should do everyday
You probably drink at least a little water each day, but most of us don’t get enough and who can blame you; drinking cups and cups of water is annoying and requires more visits to the lou.

Everything from your brain to your toes needs water to function properly and drinking water helps flush out the bad stuff. The Institute of Medicine advises that adult men should intake 13 cups of liquid per day and that women intake about 9 cups.

If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated and your body is begging you for some water…drink water every day…lots of it.

Things You Should Do: 5. Be positive.

things you should do be positiveIf you’re cringing at this, or rolling your eyes because “being positive” is on the list of things you should do, then it’s time to realize that your heart is part Grinch and you might need an attitude adjustment, or a heart transplant.

Sometimes the most obvious things are the hardest to accomplish, or just underestimated, but being positive should be included in your daily activities because it really helps. Be positive about whatever you face today and your Grinch-infested heart will soon renew itself.

Things You Should Do:

6. Tell a family member that you love them.

Most family members you have know deep down inside that you love them, but verbalizing it is another thing and the more times you say it, the better.

I once surprised one of my friends when we were hanging out because, while I was talking on the phone with my dad, I said; “Ok, love you, bye.” and my friend thought that this was strange. He said he rarely told his dad that, but assured me that he didn’t think it was a bad thing.

Your family is different than everyone else in your life because the blood in their veins is also in yours and, even though you think they already know you love them; send them a text, email, or whatever and make their day better by reminding them.

Things You Should Do: 7. Go outside.

things you should do go outsideBefore you start screeching about ticks, fleas, or the heat because going outside is on the things you should do list; please remember that the outdoors is where it all began and going outside is good for you.

I love going outside and I live in Texas where its hotter than $%&# and ticks are bigger than crickets so stop making excuses and spend a few minutes out doors.

I may have just lied about ticks being bigger than crickets, but I’m not lying when I said going outside is good. Spend a few minutes a day outside and you wont regret it (unless you get a tick-borne illness, but those are rare)!

Things You Should Do: 8. Laugh

Things You Should Do laughRemember when I said that sometimes the most obvious things are the hardest to accomplish? Well, laughing is one of them and sometimes laughing is the last thing on your mind, especially doing it every day… who has time for that??

We all need to make time for laughter, not only because its freaking fun, but because its beneficial to our health as well.

Laughter is the best medicine; it relaxes the whole body, boosts the immune system, triggers the release of endorphins and it protects the heart– what more could you ask for? Laugh a little every day and send the Grinch far, far away (and possibly a heart attack).

Things You Should Do:

9. Say something nice to someone.

things you should do be niceYeah, yeah we’ve all heard that one before, but how many of us actually do it? You don’t even have to make it a big deal, or even be obvious about it, but you’d be surprised how just saying/texting/commenting something nice to someone (anyone) not only makes their day better, but yours as well.

The only rule to this is that you should make sure the nice thing you decide to say is genuine…for some reason it’s just better if its true, but I bet you already knew that because you’re no idiot!

Things You Should Do: 10. Be thankful for every day.

One of the most important things on the things you should do list is be grateful for what you have and not moaning about what you don’t have. Obviously this is something we will all have to work hard to achieve, but if you try to be thankful, even for something little, each day you’ll find that it gets easier and easier.

If you’re the Debbie Downer type and come up with negative things more than the positive ones, remember what I said previously about being positive and look on the bright side because it could be worse.

I have a friend in Syria that can’t even look at this list of things you should do because the government doesn’t allow her to visit my site.

She constantly deals with unrest in her country, but somehow she finds reasons to be grateful. If she can do it, we can too. When you lay your head down each night, think of at least one thing you’re grateful for and if you cant come up with a single one; you’re not trying hard enough.

Have a great day tomorrow and remember that whatever battle you’re faced with today can be won…as long as you avoid getting hit by a bus, sucked on by ticks and always remember to say no to the Grinch. 

10 Things You Should Do Every Day

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