Good Reality TV Shows

good reality televisionIf you haven’t noticed that reality TV is taking over, you’re either one of two things: 1) you live under a very large, isolated rock, or 2) you’re stupid.

Hopefully, you’ve already realized this about reality TV and we can move one, but if you didn’t; you’re probably not really stupid, you just don’t have a TV and that’s ok, my grandmother doesn’t have one either.

Since my post about how much reality stars make, I’ve received a few phone calls and accusatory text messages regarding the fact that I don’t really hate reality television because I’ve watched it before.

This post will hopefully clear everything up and allows me to admit that I do, in fact, occasionally waste my brain cells/time watching reality television.

Good Reality TV Show #1: Swamp People

Found on: The History Channel

New Episodes: Thursdays at 9/8c

No. of Seasons: 2 (Ongoing)

A good reality TV show about swamp people? Are you kidding me?! What could be better?? There’s nothing better than watching a bunch of southerners play in the mud, rastling gators and yellin’ at their kinfolk, y’all! If you haven’t seen an episode of Swamp People, then you are missing out on a good reality TV show.

Swamp People follows several Louisiana Cajuns around as they attempt to earn the majority of their income catching alligators–in the state-alotted alligator hunting season, which surprisingly turns out to be much harder than it sounds.

When the average American thinks of either an alligator, or crocodile, a picture of a fearless monster comes to mind and, if that monster spots a human, nothing stops it from charging and quickly devouring that human (unless of course you were hunting it and in that case you could catch yourself a gator).

However, it takes more than the sight of a human to catch a gator, and History’s Swamp People know just that and you can too if you spend some time watching all the charades that go on in this exciting, rather new, series.

To learn more about this good reality TV show, go to You can watch episodes by checking your local listings, or on Netflix.

Good Reality TV Show #2: Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Found on: E!

New Episodes: Sundays at 10PM

No. of Seasons: 6 (Ongoing)

Now, don’t get me wrong; this good reality TV show is definitely ridiculous and one can only handle so many cat fights and bad attempts at scene stealing before having enough.

However, there’s more to this show than caterwauling and beeping around in Range Rovers…it’s regrettably highly entertaining.

One of the best things about this show is that you never know what’s going to happen. It’s a lot like watching the Discovery channel because they’re just so unpredictable it’s hard not to want to watch more.

If you dig deep into the Kardashians (past the money/fame/glory etc. etc.) it’s easy to see that, when it’s all said and done, they are in fact a (normal?) family that cares about each other. Awe that’s super cute, now let’s go watch Kim and Khloe cat fight in the back of Kim’s Range Rover.

Good Reality TV Show #3: Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition

Found on: ABC

New Episodes: Mondays 10/9c

No. of Seasons: 1 (Ongoing)

The show’s title pretty much sums it all up, but leaves out that this good reality TV show is actually rather inspiring. After watching just one episode I suddenly had the desire to compete in a triathlon…I never actually competed in one, but hey it’s the inspiration that counts, right?

The show wouldn’t be what it is without sort-of host Chris Powell and his enthusiastic approach at basically telling the show’s contestants; “you’re a fatass. It’s time to workout.”

Chris actually seems to care about the outcome of each of the contestants and shows extreme patience when curving their appetites away from fast food and towards a salad bar.

Good Reality TV Show #4: Pawn Stars

Found on: The History Channel

New Episodes: Sundays at 10PM

No. of Seasons: 4 (Ongoing)

Although, this good reality TV show really has nothing to do with history (besides selling it), Pawn Stars is all about entertainment.

Along with a lot of cool stuff, the show has three generations of pawnstars (pictured above) that help the show go from drab to fab…or something like that.

Normally these type of shows (you know, where sketchy people sell junk) don’t exactly appeal to me, but Pawn Stars sits apart from all the rest and gives its viewers something to laugh at.

When the trio isn’t busy pawning things, their bickering is more comical and entertaining than any of the items for sale in their shop, maybe it’s not intentional, but regardless; it’s funny.

You might not want to spend an entire weekend watching this show, but it definitely is worth watching once in a while and you usually cant stop after just one episode…

You can also go see their store…

…if you’re in/visiting Las Vegas.


Do you agree with any of the good realty TV shows listed above? Maybe you do, but since this is the internet, I’m gonna guess you don’t! But hey I tried. Have a great day and thanks for getting shenked!

Good Reality TV Shows

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  1. I’m so glad to see KK made it on your list…I love that show! What always intrigues me is exactly what you pointed out, at the end of the day they love each other and have each others backs!

    Great post!

    • Well thank you!! That’s probably the main reason why I decided to write about the Kardashians…they may be ridiculous, but they are family :).


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