How to Make a Dry Ice Bombs

dry ice bombs It’s a hot summer afternoon (good time for bomb making) and I’m at my Aunt and Uncle’s house.

With my little sister and two brothers, hanging out with our cousins trying to think of something to do, when all of a sudden an idea pops into my head. Make dry ice bombs!

That never fails in providing good, wholesome entertainment that everyone can enjoy…well almost everyone.

The elderly people in the neighborhood and/or moms might not find it so enjoyable when the bombs go off.

but don’t tell your mom where you learned how to do it.

 How To Make Dry Ice Bombs: A personal story.

Next post: What to do after you get arrested for making dry ice bombs.

We go to the local grocery store, but only a few of us so that we don’t raise concern, buy $8 worth of dry ice and do what the little piggy did: went weeeeeeee–all the way home.

I sent the younger kids to hunt out any bottles, with caps, that we could use and started getting to work. If you don’t know what dry ice bombs are, or how to make them, I’ll give you a brief overview of what they are, how to make them and what they do.

Dry ice bombs are pretty much what they sound like, they’re bombs that go ‘boom’ and its best not to be too close to them when they do their booming.

There are many different ways to make a dry-ice bomb, and I’m sure everyone has their own “technique,” but here’s what I do (or did–surprisingly I’ve grown out of my dry ice bombs making stage).

You get some dry ice, break it up (not with your hands or you wont have hands), put it in the bottle (the more you put the quicker it blows), add some water, shake it three times and throw the bombs…far away. If you did it correctly, you’ll hear/see it explode anywhere between 5 seconds and 5 minutes.

If you used too much dry ice, or not the right combination of ice and water, it probably froze over and won’t be exploding. However, do not go pick it up, try to “pop” it with a 2X4, or run over to kick it, if you do; you’ll either end up needing hearing aids, not have both feet, or hanging out with cherubs.

Never play with fire, or bombs, but always play with dry ice bombs.

never play with Dry Ice Bombs

No, dry ice bombs don’t have fire, but its a cool pic, right?

There isn’t really a point in dry-ice bombs, they’re mostly just cool, but can be fun when unsuspecting neighbors are startled and pandemonium starts due to the fact it sounds like WW3 just broke out.

On this afternoon, we decided to set off multiple dry ice bombs at once, mostly for fun, but also to see what the neighbors, and possibly cops, would do.

A few explosions and holes in the ground later, my little brother was loading a Gatorade bottle with the explosive ingredients, when one of the other kids (who was assigned as the lookout) yelled “COP! Cop coming!”–and with that, everyone scattered in different directions: think midnight snack, light switch and about seven roaches.

Some went up trees, some went behind the house, a few sat down pretending to read as the cop drove by and the rest ran into the house. See, the thing with dry ice bombs is that, while they may be loud, and sometimes powerful, they don’t leave much of themselves behind after their initial detonation.

Which can turn into a fun “cat and mouse” type game with anyone angered by the loud noises…including law enforcement personnel (depending on how loud your dry ice bombs are).

After setting a few dry ice bombs off, we’d be on alert and when a cop was seen coming in our direction, we hid, or pretended like nothing happened, completely confusing the cop. Worked every time.

I guess we could of been normal kids that did normal things, such as; play video games, ride our bikes, or pretty much anything besides making bombs, but where’s the fun in that?

Once you reach the age of 18, you’re expected to behave…for the rest of your life, therefore; its best to get it all out of your system before then.

Normal fires= good and no cops, but not as fun as dry ice bombs. fire
Want to go alligator hunting?

alligator hunting tips dry ice bombs

Click: 10 Tips For Hunting Alligators

*Dry Ice Bombs: Legal Notice*

Obviously, you cannot post something on the internet about making bombs without including some sort of a legal notice, especially when you’re a respectable citizen (such as myself). Although making dry-ice bombs can be very entertaining, fun and exciting, I absolutely do not recommend it. You not only can go to jail, you can also severely injure yourself and others.

I was lucky enough and smart enough to plan the bomb making where it would be somewhat safe and was fortunate enough to not experience any major injuries, lawsuits, or jail time. Do not run off to the grocery store, make a dry ice bomb and then, when you accidentally blow up your little brother, blame me, because “I told you to do it” because I most certainly did not. If you blow up your little brother, that’s your problem and result of your own stupidity. Also, I no longer make dry-ice bombs, or tease police officers.

Think of the police as a hornets nest, if you throw something at that nest, they’re gonna come, stingers out and you will get stung. Play Super Smash Bros, hide-and-seek, or watch Nickelodeon, don’t make bombs, leave that to the stupid kids. Only YOU can prevent bomb making.

How to Make Dry Ice Bombs:

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  1. I just wanted to say…be careful not to throw it near the poor dog…especially if its tied up.

  2. Susanna says:

    in addition…… be reeaaalllly careful not to throw it into the street.


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