5 Overrated Products, People & Perverts

overrated products dont lose your headThere are many overrated products out there and some are definitely better than others. But then there are products such as the Shake Weight.

These overrated products make you wonder if the manufacturers are pulling your leg while you shake your weight.

When you first see a product, do you ever think: “Wow, why didn’t I think of that?” and feel somewhat jealous of the person who did?

Well, the next time that happens, I have the perfect solution for you: just put some magnets and silicone together [in bracelet form], or grab a pot and fill it with salty water and presto: you now have your very own overrated products.

If you market your overrated products correctly, you will be very, very rich. Here are some overrated products (and people) that I decided to put on an “overrated products” list. The 5 Overrated Products, People and Perverts:

Overrated Products #1: The Power Balance Bracelet

overrated products power band productsWith its silicone and Mylar Hologram ingredients it caught peoples’ attention and assured them that not only would their balancing capabilities improve, but also their sense of well-being.

The bracelet’s creators embedded their marketing plan within the products description and since everybody wants to improve their balance and well-being: the products success was a done deal. However, soon the products fan base will dissipate (if they haven’t already) and in a few years, when the fad is over, you’ll find your bracelet in a junk drawer and leave it there.

Overrated Products #2: The Neti Pot

overrated products the neti potI somewhat hesitated when choosing this product as overrated, but after using it for a few weeks, my hesitation had gone out for tea.

There are definitely benefits in using the Neti Pot and if you are a big fan of it, then by all means, keep sticking a tea pot up your nose and reaping the benefits.

The description and praise by the inventor of this little pot gives you the impression that Sinusitis will soon be something only found in medical books, instead of our everyday lives, but its creators failed to take its unpleasant aspects into consideration.

When using the Neti Pot, it is imperative that one follows all instructions otherwise the following may (and probably will) occur: salty-warm water rushing down your throat, a very big mess around your bathroom sink and a sudden flow of water out of a nostril five minutes after use. Oh and the Neti Pot may also kill you.

Out of the other overrated products, the Neti Pot does have some benefits, but if you have a serious sinus infection: see your doctor.

Overrated Products #3: Chatroulette

overrated products chatroulette productsIf you’re unfamiliar with Chatroulette, then you’re luckier than others who have been let down and/or scared by this pointless website.

The idea behind chatroulette.com is for you to simply go to their website, wait a few seconds, and meet a brand new friend! Yay!

However, there is a problem with this 21st century/new age website: your new “friend” most likely is a pervert.

Who would want their new friend to be a pervert? Your friends should be fun, similar to you, and not dying to show you their ‘banana’-if you know what I mean.

Are you looking for a new friend? I will be your friend and I will keep my banana out of sight.

I can definitely promise you that. If you don’t believe me, then by all means, please go check out Chatroulette, but don’t blame me when your new friend/pervert assaults your eyes.

Overrated Products #4 Taylor Swift

overrated products taylor swiftOk Tay-Tay, we get it. You will not settle for anything but the following in your life: a prince, love story, Romeo on a white horse, t-shirts (not short-shorts), his hand on your heart, a slamming screen door, roses and notes, talking on the phone real slow.

…I’m sorry, but was the carriage ride home from fantasy land a bumpy one? Did this trip result in you hitting your head and/or the breaking of your crown?

Sure she can sing and, yes, she can write music, but there comes a time when hearing the same thing over and over again nauseating. It gets mundane/frustrating just from hearing it on the radio. I can’t imagine buying her CDs, one after another.

Please hire new writers: your fans will still love you, promise. Maybe I’m the only one who feels like this and if that’s true: can I borrow one of your white horses to ride off into the sunset?

I realize that dissing America’s sweetheart will most likely result in me getting tarred and feathered, but someone has to stand up and say something (just not during an awards ceremony). BTWs can “Our Song” be: “Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye?”

Overrated Products #5: The Snuggie

overrated products the snuggieI know, I know; we’ve all made fun of the snuggie (one of the better known products out there), its commercials and anyone who bought one, but this thing is STILL GOING??

I would have bet my little sister that this product would not last (thank goodness I didn’t place any bets–my parents would have been pissed.)

Back to the subject at hand: if you own a snuggie, or know someone who has a snuggie, please grab a tree branch and hit them with it.

Oh so you’re cold? Get a blanket, comforter, or borrow Granny’s heating pad, all of which still make it possible for you to talk on the phone, eat popcorn and change the T.V. channel…just stick your arm out.

If you’re still unsatisfied, please send me the money and I will give you a blanket, with two holes in it and labeled a snuggie. It’s not too late, if you own a snuggie and are now embarrassed; just hide it whenever someone comes over.

Did you agree with any of these overrated products? If you did not, and have been angered by this article, please forgive me for voicing my opinion. You should move to North Korea; there aren’t any opinions to be angered by there. Better take your snuggie; I hear it’s cold there.

5 Overrated Products, People and Perverts

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