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taking a perfect selfie

5 Tips for Taking the Perfect Selfie

You're sitting in traffic on a congested highway, bored out of your mind, and wondering if anyone actually loves you, so what do you do? You take a selfie, obviously. You get the angle just right, make sure your hair is just how it should be and then snap - what you … Read More


The Story of Monday [via 20 GIFs]

  1. When my alarm goes off Monday morning, this is my reaction:   2. Because you never know what Monday has in store for you:   3. Nevertheless, I get out of bed and put on my pants:   4. Then I suddenly get a burst of energy:   5. And I … Read More

jennifer lopez mad pretty

4 Interesting News Stories: Woman Arrested for Unreturned VHS, Bigfoot is Missing, and George Zimmerman is Sad

Interesting News #1: Woman Arrested for Not Returning Rented Jennifer Lopez VHS Kayla Finley, of Greenville, South Carolina, has been arrested for not returning a VHS that she rented. She rented the film, "Monster-in-Law" -- featuring none other than Jennifer Lopez … Read More

texas stereotypes funny cartoon

Texas Stereotypes and a George Bush Shrine

A few months ago, Business Insider published the results of a survey they completed that highlighted what Americans thought about their 50 states. The questions asked in the survey ranged from mildly offensive, such as, “Which state has the weirdest accent,” to the … Read More

justin bieber ha

Belieber Central: 10 Reasons Why We Should Feel Bad for Justin Bieber

I'm sure most of you have already heard the heartbreaking news about Justin Bieber's arrest early Thursday morning in Miami. Before we move on, please take a moment of silence to reflect over this unfortunate event. When you're ready, continue reading. The … Read More

paula deen offended america

America the Offended: I’m Offended That You’re Offended By Me Being Offended

For nearly a hundred years, America has been known as "the land of the free and the home of the brave" - thanks to Francis Scott Key's 'The Star-Spangled Banner,' which became our national anthem in 1931.  However, in more recent years, America has become not only … Read More



10 Reasons Why Texans Love Texas

Have y'all ever wondered what the big deal was about Texas? What are the reasons why people, who are from Texas, talk as … Read More

most annoying

5 Most Annoying Things in Life

It's 8:00 AM, you forgot your coffee on the kitchen counter, you're currently stuck in traffic and you had a meeting at … Read More


Breaking Under Pressure, But Winning in the End

From the moment I first popped into this world, I have never been able to deal very well with time-induced pressure, or … Read More

my website sold to the highest bidder

Sold to the Highest Bidder

When I first started writing on shenkitup, I never imagined that it would grow as much as it has. I also never … Read More

americans and europeans

3 Differences Between Americans and Europeans

I'm walking a Shetland pony [in the picture to your right] on the multi-acre Dressage Horse Ranch of Adolf Dassler's … Read More

taylor and chantelle

Chantelle Paige: A California Dime

When you hear the word "celebrity," what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it that they're overpaid, … Read More



House Sitting in America

This weekend, I plan on doing absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing while lounging around on the balcony of my … Read More

weird people weird friends

Are You a Weird Person?

We're all expected to behave certain ways in life, some are specific to gender, while others are personalized depending … Read More


Why Does Facebook Keep Changing?

There are many things I've come across in life that almost seem impossible for me to understand, no matter how hard I … Read More

if you own an iphone

If You Own an iPhone, iPad, or Android Phone

What would you say if I told you that, for the past year, I had been tracking your every move? You'd probably clear … Read More

pig fly

When Pigs Fly, People Will Also

When I was around 5-years-old, I went through a stage where I was determined that I could make myself fly. I believe … Read More

sylvia plath was sad

Art and Madness in the Form of Depression

When I first read the biography of Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Sylvia Plath, and how she committed suicide at the age … Read More


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